A Little Bit of Shopping

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So this morning I woke early because I had a busy day ahead of me. I woke at 6:45am showered had breakfast took diva out dropped her off grabbed my trolley and off to the super market I went I bought most things I needed there. Then I came home dropped it off and then went to the coffee meet up in the lounge did that and then came back home had lunch and then met my new friend in the lobby to go shopping. First I went to Giant Tiger and bought a bright pink toaster for $10 bucks.


I also picked up another dress similar to the black and white one I got last time and a blue top as well the pink and black tube top you see in the first photo. Then from Giant Tiger we went to a mall so I could look into the major sale they had at Fairweather. The middle photo the cute pink plaid shirt I bought it’s super cute and the dark green Capris I also it there as well bright pink fleece capris and a stripped maxi-ish backless dress.

Upon coming home and getting the mail my Old Navy package was in my mail box which I’m super happy for since I waited for about an hour or so for the mail girl to arrive but then just said fuck it and left. In the first to photos I’m wearing my new Sweetheart skinny jeans and the size 2 fits amazingly.

Over all it was nice to go out and hang out with someone new. And her and I get all really well that that’s also a plus to be able to hang out with someone who lives in my building. There is a small select few that I really enjoy talking to and would consider friends. But that is about it lol.

I love sales lol

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Canada Day BBQ


So my building had a Cananda day BBQ. It was held today because it had to have people who worked for the community housing be at the BBQ other wise if they were not there who knows what might of happened haha kidding but seriously lol. Any who I wanted to take photos of the decorations outside at the beginning but there were people around and yea. So what do you think of them? I know it looks like candy but I helped put them up and wrap them around the poles. I volunteered, I also cut up three jars worth of dill pickles lol. My fingers still smell a little of them haha.

Diva was good left alone for the few hours I was gone. It started at 5:30pm, I went down around 3:35pm set things up got things done was one of the first in line to eat. Chatted with some Neighbours then left got Diva, took her on a walk then came home dropped her off then went back down to help clean up. And was able to grab a few edible items which was pretty cool. It was really nice and a lot of people showed up to the BBQ.

All in all it was a great turn out. It’s nice being able to volunteer and help out. It was also great that it did not rain that was a major plus because this morning it was nasty out.

Life is good

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Going Going Gone


If you click on the photo you will be brought to Old Navy Canada Sweetheart skinny jeans section so you to can shop their sale. But don’t be surprised if you go to buy The Sweetheart Skinny Jeans in a Size 2 in Tall and their sold out. I got an email yesterday about the sale and last night when I got home from my rents, I went to see what they had on sale and the jeans were on sale for $19.00. To me that is the best price for a pair of jeans yaya I’m cheap any who haha.

So I went to see if they had any Diva style jeans in a size 2 in tall which they did not, nothing what’s so ever. But then I went to the Sweetheart style in tall and they had one colour in a size 2 in stock. So I grabbed two pairs because at that price it’s worth it. They currently have sizes 0,2, 4, 14, 18 and 20 left in tall but I would not be to surprised at all if they sell out quickly. I got mine in the only colour they have which is rinse. But I like the colour and I know the size fits me from when I went to the store before to try on jeans.

Thats the trick to ordering online. Go to the store bring a bunch of sizes and styles of jeans to try on just to see what fits in the waist then you will pick and choose what works, write down the style and size that way you know what to order online in tall. If you have a long inseam of 36 like I do. If they carried mine in store I’d never have to order online but the Ottawa locations don’t carry tall.

So that’s it pretty much, I picked up two pairs with tax and shipping it came to $51.00 and it will be great to wear again jeans that fit. I did manage to shrink my size 4’s but the size 2’s will be even better. To all the people out there who’s losing weight don’t spend a ton on your clothing when going down sizes cause it’s a waste of money.

Happy Shopping

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I Could Kill You

6am Miss Diva had me up, had me thinking she really had to go out side. Her behaviour has been a little odd lately ever since the stupid fire alarm her eating has been not regular. Yesterday she did not eat till 10:30pm. I even put some warm water to make a gravy of her food thinking she would eat it. But nope miss pris did not want any of it.

I thought the few walks she went on yesterday and the ball throwing game at the park would make her hungry but she just ate some grass yesterday and one cookie. She was doing really good for a while eating her food at a decent time and then that damn fire alarm happens and it’s like she will eat when she wants too which is fine but 10:30pm is kind of late I would think.

So this morning I see her standing in the door way of my bedroom and me thinking she’s gonna be sick or needing to go out. I think she was just drinking water or something but I’ve been up since 6am so Im a little annoyed and as I write this, what is she doing nope not eating her food but sleeping ugh so annoying. And today’s clean the apartment day and because I rushed to take her out I still need to take a shower. The joys of being a pet parent haha.

I’m hoping she will eat her food today and not wait till just before bed tonight. She’s such a strange dog because some days dry food is fine and she will eat it. Other days she wants it a little moist and then some days like yesterday I made it moist she did not touch it for hours so then the liquid got sucked up by the food got mushy so I threw it out and filled her dish back up. It’s super annoying and a waste of food which I’m going to stop doing either eat it or not but figure it out you know what I mean ugh.

Personally if it was me I’d be hungry going on walks and thirsty more often than she is. She drinks water but does it every few hours and she eats now once a day. I know she’s lost some weight she’s probably back at the weight she’s supposed to be at. I’m not that worried just I guess she was stressed and it’s just taking a while for her to bounce back.

Well yea that’s the latest with Miss Diva lol. she’s going to the Vet next month for her rabies shot and she will get weighed then so I’ll be able to see how much weight she has lost. I do want to point out when she goes to the bathroom it’s fine though because she hardly ate anything yesterday and till last night her poop this morning was next to nothing very small. But yesterday it was fine because she ate the day before.

Any who maybe stress affects her differently and I’m just not used to it. That’s probably it. I guess I only need to worry if she’s not eating at all and her bathroom outings is like bad poop or accidents in the house. So far that has not happened. Thankfully ☺️.

Edit: She ate her breakfast almost a whole cup worth. No longer worried lmao.

Okay done ranting.

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Giving Some Hair

What I mean is I’ve donated two of my wigs to someone who desperately needs a hair pick me up. They live in my building and I have seen around wearing wigs that need some major overhauling. I was outside talking with one of my Neighbours  in the building when this person came over they also have a pooch too. We got to talking and I offered to give her one of my wigs. She gave me her info and I said I’d be by today with a wig for her.

I decided to give her two wigs. Ones I’m not wearing or going to be wearing ever. A bob that I think I wore three times it’s a Revlon wig that has a mono top and the other is a Raquel Welch wig called Star Quality which is a lace front. I wore it once. Personally I hate how it looks on me but I thought this person would love it.

I stopped by her place and she had never seen a wig with a mono top or a lace front before. The look on her face was surprise and wonder it made me smile. She asked what I wanted for it money wise and I said no I’m giving you them for free. She was extremely thankful and I said I’m glad I could help. The Star Quality looks great on her and it looks so natural. I hope she wears both wigs more often than the ones she’s been wearing.

I have another wig coming to me and so then I’ll have about 5 in total. My two all time faves which is my Victoria by JR my Shilo by Noriko, My Camera Ready By RW and my Celeste by Envy and soon to be a new one the FreeStyle by RW.

So I did not mind giving away the Star Quality or the Revlon bob. I knew this person would be thankful and I’m glad I could give someone some new-found self-confidence. Nothing makes you feel amazing then helping someone else.

Giving back makes you feel good.

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Boy Meets Girl

I just finished watching this amazing film on Netflix if you have not seen it you need to its a romantic comedy but a new age film. And if I was a younger trans girl I would have been amazed to see this film because it’s not just about love but it’s also about being trans. And about dating and just being your self. It’s my new favourite film.

What Is Your Hair Part Saying About You?


The Effects of Hair Parting on Social Appraisal and Personal Development

By John Walter and Catherine Walter

Twenty years ago, John Walter changed his hair part from the right side to the left side and saw his world of interpersonal relationships change drastically for the better. Curious about this phenomenon, Mr. Walter and his sister Catherine Walter have spent many years observing men and women’s hair part choices and associated personality traits. They are now ready to share The Hair Part Theory with the general public so that people can be aware of the subconscious signals that they are projecting with the way they part their hair. Mr. Walter is a computer expert with his training in nuclear physics and mathematics (BA, SUNY Oswego), and Ms. Walter is trained in cultural anthropology (BA, SUNY Geneseo). Mr. Walter is also the designer and producer of the True Mirror®, the only mirror that doesn’t reverse your image, and which therefore shows you how you look to others, allowing you to gain an accurate sense of your true self.

Hair in itself, the abundance or lack of, and the quality of it, is a highly prominent source of self and social evaluation, in both present day and historic world cultures. It can be a source of pride or shame and billions of dollars a year are spent today on hair care. While hair qualities of length, color and style have been consistently noted in the past, the surprisingly strong effect of hair part choices on immediate social appraisal has been completely unexplored until now.

The Hair Part Theory states: The way a person parts their hair is related to many subconscious associations when assessed by others. Each hair part type initiates cycles of behavior toward, and response from, the individual. Over time, these cycles affect personality development, perpetuating a system of cumulative and interactional continuity. Parting the hair on the left or right initiates, in viewers of the individual, subconscious associations with the aspects of cognition generally ascribed to the same cranial hemisphere that is accented by the hair part (i.e. left part, left hemisphere). When there is a center part, no part or baldness, the subconscious associations are more balanced or neutral, with neither cranial hemisphere’s activities given more importance in the assessment.

When a person puts a part in their hair, left or right, they are emphasizing the left or right cranial hemisphere functioning. Currently accepted knowledge of cranial hemisphere functioning is that the left hemisphere specializes in language, memories of words, math, logic, linear operations and activities traditionally attributed to masculinity in our culture. The right hemisphere specializes in visual processing, memories of pictures, musical perception and nonlinear tasks traditionally attributed to femininity in our culture. It is also believed that men’s brains function more asymmetrically than women’s brains and are more likely to use highly specific areas for different tasks, whereas women’s right and left hemispheres function more in conjunction with each other.

It is important to note that the correlation between hair parts and personal characteristics is not a necessary or sufficient one — there are many influences on the character of a person. However, hair parts can play a significant role and this theory describes strong tendencies of an individual to develop specific personality traits in reaction to unconscious societal response to personal hair part choices.

The Hair Part Theory will enable individuals to become aware of the messages they could be projecting with their choice of hair part. The characteristics associated with each type of hair part for each gender are as follows:

Men W/Left Part: Natural for men, usually works well for them. Perceived as popular, successful, strong, traditional. Can be out of touch with the feminine side of themselves. Examples: John Wayne, Tom Brokaw, John F. Kennedy, Edward M. Kennedy

Women W/Left Part: Usually ok, especially for women interested in making it in business and politics. Perceived as intelligent, in-charge, reliable. Can sometimes be perceived as too “masculine”, and/or can create difficulties with fulfilling traditionally feminine roles. Examples: Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Christine Todd Whitman

Men W/Right Part: Usually unnatural for men. Can create an uncomfortable image; can cause social shunning, sometimes leading to unusual or eccentric behavior. Perceived as atypical, open, radical. Can work ok if the man is very confident, attractive, or striving to be respected in a non-traditional male role. Examples: Al Gore, Rush Limbaugh, Robert F. Kennedy, Charlie Rose, Tom Snyder

Women W/Right Part: Natural for women. Usually works ok. Perceived as very feminine, gentle, caring. Can cause problems of not being taken seriously. Examples: Martha Stewart, Jane Pauley, Betsy McCaughey Ross, Geraldine Ferraro

Men + Women W/No Part, Natural for men and women. Perceived as balanced, trustworthy and wise. Can lack the flair associated with

Center Part or Bald: the other types. Examples: U.S. Presidents 1-9, Joseph P. Kennedy II, Sean Connery

Most of the possible choices generally do not negatively affect perceptions of the individual, but the individuals who are potentially put in the worst position are men who part their hair on the right andwho are also striving to be assessed positively within a traditional male role. Our observations have shown that the right part on a man might interfere with positive social interaction and personal development, and might lead to highly atypical behavior, occupations and preoccupations. We focus in this article on these right-parting men because they seem to exhibit the most consistent correlations and also because they could benefit the most from this information.

A highly illustrative place to observe hair parting and perceived personal attributes is in film and television characters. Consistently, directors, casting agents and hair stylists appear to be choosing a left or a right part for characters that exhibit the characteristics identified with the left and right sides of the brain, and a center part, no hair part or baldness for those characters who have balanced personalities. Perhaps these decision-makers in the media are simply a little more aware or more intuitive than most people are of appearance choices and immediate character appraisal. However, the reasons for the choices have never been publicly articulated, and are likely made unconsciously. The types of characters that most frequently have right hair parts in film and television are those portraying scholarly/scientific men (highly focused experts, not socially apt), gay men (“femaleness”, openness), men as single parents (acting as both father and mother), villains (untrustworthy, evil) and mentally disturbed characters (isolated, shunned).

The most striking example and perhaps the most illustrative of The Hair Part Theory, is that when Christopher Reeve played Clark Kent, his hair was parted on the right. As Superman, his hair was parted on the left.

Choices made in hair parts can for some people lead to difficulties in interpersonal relations. The Hair Part Theory may help those who are being subtly and sub-consciously undermined by a choice in hair part that they might believe is entirely inconsequential, that is probably arbitrary, and that may be unchanged for their entire life. Most women switch hair parts frequently during their lives and therefore the cumulative effects of hair parting on the personality are not as pervasive for women as for men, who typically keep their hair parted the same way from childhood throughout their whole lives.

Since many people’s hair falls naturally to one side or the other, those who wish to change might need to use gel and training of the hair. In doing so, they can begin to receive different immediate appraisals from others, thereby improving their control over how they are perceived by others. (Parting the hair on the left or right side may be linked to whether the person is right handed or left handed, since it may be physically easier to part the hair on the side of the head that is opposite to the dominant hand. However left or right handedness is not relevant to immediate appraisal of an individual).

Why the hair part should be a relevant factor in the appraisal of a person and his or her inner personality is illustrated by the fact that once a child becomes self-aware, his or her perception of self, subsequent behavior and social persona depend largely on two factors. The first is based on how others react to the self, from first impressions to knowledge over time. First impressions are made by rapid interpretation of facial features, body type, hair, clothing, posture, expression, scent, attitude and behavior, and are frequently difficult to alter. The hair part contributes strongly to this first impression, which can then cause specific behavior towards an individual. Over time, especially during childhood development years, this can affect self-perception and projected personality traits, and can result in cycles of behavior and response.

The other factor in an individual’s self perception is what is perceived when looking in a mirror. All traditional mirrors give incorrect information, since all mirrors, except for a True Mirror®, show a reversed image (think of how writing is backwards in a mirror). A hair part always appears on the opposite side in a traditional mirror – i.e. a right part will be perceived as a left part in a traditional mirror and vice versa, leading to self-perception that is incorrect as to what signals are being sent with the hair part. [In addition, looking into a traditional mirror is also the only time that an individual can physically experience direct right-eye to right-eye and left-eye to left-eye communication. A True Mirror® gives the viewer right-eye to left-eye and left-eye to right-eye communication with oneself in the accurate biological pattern for gaining information about another, as well as giving correct perception of hair part choices and what they are projecting. The effect that self-viewing in a traditional mirror, in contrast to self-viewing with a True Mirror®, has on neurological pathways for obtaining self-information, as well as its effect on the sense of self, remains unexplored by psychologists.]

When the person parts their hair on the side that is not culturally associated with their gender – i.e. men with right parts and women with left parts, it appears to be generally acceptable for women, but it can have deleterious results for men.

Mr. Walter’s experience, when his social standing was surprisingly “fixed” simply by changing his hair part from right to left, can now be tested by all right-parting men, and hair part choices for men and women can now be made for specific and instrumental reasons. With knowledge of The Hair Part Theory, individuals will be able to change their hair part to help receive the appraisal that they are seeking. For example, a woman walking into a business meeting might prefer to part her hair on the left, whereas for attending a social event she might prefer her hair part on the right. (An interesting point to note is that it seems that quite frequently a person’s significant other has the opposite hair part choice, perhaps illustrating a balance of attributes between the two). When right-parting men change their hair part to the center or to the left, or style their hair so that there is no part, they often immediately begin to see a positive change in the way people respond to him. This, over time, can become a pattern of behavior and response that can help the man become more internally comfortable and self-assured. Therefore, he frequently becomes better at interpersonal relationships which increases his chances of success in his chosen endeavors, and a new, more positive cycle of behavior and response is initiated.

Men in American society are traditionally expected to be non-emotional, confident, rational, dependable, powerful, masculine, logical, independent and capable. However, the right-parting male is emphasizing his right cranial hemisphere activities, sending a conflicting message of more traditionally feminine characteristics. If he is an individual striving for respect as an artist, a writer, a priest, a therapist, etc., the right part does help him to be accepted by others. If not, and also if the right-parting man is not an extremely confident or attractive person, according to our observations most people’s first response is most times unsure and many times negative. Social response that is not overtly approving can negatively affect the man’s perception of his personal power, which can increase his insecurities and which can then initiate a negative cycle of behavior and response. This cycle is oftentimes continuous from childhood, which can lead to the personality being affected.

The observations made by Mr. Walter and Ms. Walter involving The Hair Part Theory have shown that most men who are right-parters are strongly atypical in some way. They usually display one or more of these following personality traits, singly or in different combinations from both of the following lists.

Men who haven’t overcome the potentially negative influence of the right hair part usually display one or more of the following potentially negatively perceived characteristics (many of the non-famous right-parters):

Obsessive Extreme Eccentric Fanatical
Defensive Naive Socially inept Weak
Radical Wooden
Men who are enormously confident and/or handsome and who have overcome the potentially negative influence of the right hair part usually portray one or more of the following positive characteristics (most of the famous right-parters):

Sensitive Highly accomplished
in 1 or 2 areas Open Untraditional
Empathetic Sympathetic Skilled
communicator Trustworthy
Ultra dedicated Single-mindedness Creative Dashing
Within most groupings by category of famous men (see Appendix), the number of men who part their hair on the right is roughly 10%-17%. However, in the general population (although no formal study has been done), from observing high school yearbooks from the past, the number of right-parting men historically appears to be even lower, approximately 5%. Therefore, in comparison to all men who end up becoming famous, a much higher percentage of all right-parters become famous or high achievers. This is due to the tendency for many right-parting males to strive excessively in order to overcome the possibly lifelong negative social responses. It also appears that there is a rising percentage of right-parting men in the years since the end of the Vietnam War, due to increasing social acceptance for men to explore and express the more emotional, “feminine” aspects of their personality.

The following examples of famous right-parting men are useful to illustrate certain aspects of The Hair Part Theory because these men are well known by many and their public character is known. The more conclusive and meaningful examples that demonstrate the potentially negative influence of the right hair part on men are the ordinary, non-famous right-parting men that one sees everyday and that one knows.

This is an aspect of personal appearance choices that we find fascinating and hope you will too. To illustrate The Hair Part Theory by example, attached is an appendix listing the hair part choices of current and historical government officials with percentages given of each group. To further illustrate the unusual characteristics of right-parting men, there is a list of famous public individuals in our past and present who parted or who part their hair on the right. There is also a chart showing previous press coverage of the True Mirror®.

All info taken from Here