Dating is very much like a chapter in a book. Sometimes chapters are long and sometimes they are short. Sometimes you get something out of it like a learning lesson and sometimes you don’t and sometimes people walk into your life for a learning experience. Your constantly learning from each and every experience you encounter. Not everyone is meant for each other and sometimes people are better off as friends.

The interesting part about dating is getting to know people for who they are. And if after finding out about a person you’re not strongly connected to or if you don’t see your self with that person for the long hall it’s perfectly okay to say lets just call it quits romantically and be friends with that person.

When one chapter ends another one always begins and this goes for just life in general. But it can pertain to any aspect of your life whether it be dating or friendships or whatever way you put it towards. I’m learning that if something is not working for me I need to just let it go and move on to something else.

I belive I learned that with my last relationship. This latest one is not the relationship for me and I’m gonna be okay. I would much rather be friends then nothing at all. Thankfully I’m learning early on if it’s not working out its fine and it’s not the end of the world. When one chapter ends another one begins. That is the amazing thing about life. No need to stress about, sometimes relationships end and it’s okay if they do because there will be someone out there for me just like there will be that right person for you.

I’m calm, I’m relaxed and things will go the way they are supposed to go.

I hope everyone has a good day today

Over & Out


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