Have you ever had one of those dreams you swear it was real. Like so real you could touch the person that was in your dream. Well I woke this morning with a huge grin on my face. This dream felt so real I could remember the whole thing and when I woke I was almost laughing. There was a guy in my dream I know what he looked like his eye colour everything but maybe it’s because I know who the guy is. But he did the sweetest thing he wrote a poem I had written but put a sweet message between the lines you had to be in the dream but it was so sweet and made my heart flutter and we kissed. It was so awww. But also so funny that I would be having this dream after the last few days being so shitty. I guess it’s my mind needing something positive either way it was one of the best dreams I’ve had yet and I remembered the whole thing which is even more amazing. Because I don’t typically remember all of my dreams. Anyways it’s put me into a wonderful mood and I’m glad about that.

Over & Out



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