Stupid Jeans

Yup I said stupid jeans. Okay so a few weeks ago maybe about a month I had bought one pair of skinny jeans from my fave store Old Navy in a size 4 because my size 6 is to large the website says there is a 2% stretch the tag says there is 1% stretch but when I wore them over to my parents my dad tells me maybe you should have got a smaller size. Because I have baggy butt. So I went to Old Navy Online a day ago and ordered the smallest size I was hoping for a size 2 but there sizes go from a size 4 to a size 0. So I ordered a size 0 and will know if it’s a perfect size today since they should be delivered today. I wish the store carried Tall in store but they only carry Tall online which is a 36 inseam which is what I have. So now my size 4 is to lose on me and I have not only baggy butt but also its to lose around the upper thighs. Now I only ordered one pair because well who wears jeans when it’s hot out even though the weather has been a mix of great and not so great more so overly hot with some cold like early spring days mixed in heck even cold one might say. But that’s why I only ordered one pair of skinny jeans. And watch these size 0’s be made for me.

Never in a million years did I ever once think I’d fit into a size 4 let alone a 0. My goal was always to lose just five pounds when I was losing weight and be comfortable in a size 12 lmao. And now I’ve gone down the size charts. I mean I probably should have bought the size 0 to begin with instead of the 4 but I thought that would be pushing it and that I’m more than likely a size 4 and not anything smaller. Ah well I guess I should stop complaining and just be happy but it’s a money thing really. Of course I’m holding on to my size 4 jeans and my two pairs of size 6 for a just in case I ever go up in weight. The jeans I just bought in the size 0 I also got on a sale just like I did win the other three pairs of jeans. That is one thing I don’t think needs to cost a huge amount of money is jeans because when your losing weight and your going down in sizes it should not cost a lot.

Also having a few sizes of jeans to hold on to is smart because if for some reason you gain weight having those other sizes around will come in handy. I have one pair in a size 6 that is boot cut. One pair that is black skinny also in a size 6. Then I have a light denim in a size 4, and have just ordered a light denim in a size 0. They were on sale for $23 but with tax and shipping it came to $31 which is still cheap for jeans in my books. It would have just cost the tax if they carried tall in store but whatever lol. And the jeans I used to buy came from LTS for $79 to $95 and when your losing weight spending that kind of cash is like getting three to four pairs at Old Navy. I’ve become cheap and Old Navy is perfect for my wallet just saying. Sometimes it’s not about the cost of something it’s how you dress it and pair it with. That’s the wonderful thing about fashion it’s all how you pair your items. When your up a few sizes or down a few sizes how you dress it can make it super expensive without spending a crazy amount of money.

Any who so there you have it got to love baggy butt jeans NOT, go out and buy some new ones but make sure there on sale because when your losing weight the last thing you want to do is throw money down the drain on fabulous jeans you can only where once before they sit in a drawer or sit on a hanger collecting dust. Right now Old Navy Jeans are on sale.

Edit: So the jeans came in but the size 0 is to small so I’ll try shrinking the size 4 I have and hope that works. How stupid that they don’t have size 2 in the style I’ve been wearing the last little while ugh. So now I have to take them to the store and get my money back for them.

Happy Jean Shopping

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “Stupid Jeans

    1. Turns out they do have size too but not in the style I like lol, I’m hoping today to return the 0 I have and try on a 2 in the sweetheart style

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