I love cooking



Tonight I decided to bake some potato wedges, grill up some chicken strips and have a side dish of pasta and veg. I got the potato wedges recipe from the Food Network App, I used two potatoes instead of the four it called for and I also used a few ingredients that I had on hand for flavouring but other wise I followed what it said and they turned out amazing. As for the grilled chicken I just thought of it and went on a whim. And the pasta I used was left overs and I used frozen veg and just cooked them up in the micro with the pasta.




8 thoughts on “I love cooking

    1. It’s really easy lol to follow a recipe you get everything together and bam your cooking in no time. I also find it relaxing and when it turns out it’s like wow I made this haha

      1. Not for me – I struggle badly with written instructions. If something has more than three steps I literally can’t keep them straight…some form of dyslexia or ADHD or something. It’s upsetting actually because it makes me feel stupid! So I just have to stuck to stuff with 2 steps max LOL.

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