Shame on you old navy

Today after dropping my dog off at the groomers I went all the way down town to return my size 0 jeans and while I was at the store I thought I would try on some size 2’s. The Sweet Heart line fit in a size 2 as did The RockStar but I also accidentally picked up a size 2 in The Diva line. Of course it fit perfectly but it was for a reguler sized person not tall. 

I told both the cashier as well the guy in the fitting room they need to carry Tall in store as well have size 2 in the Diva Tall. I’ve just emailed Old Navy and told them to basically get it together why would they carry every size for reguler length but not have size 2 in Tall for the Diva line. It makes no sense at all. So I guess I’ll have to wait till The Sweet Heart line comes out with a major sale and get a pair in that line and or The RockStar or hold out till The Diva line gets a size 2. Like really from 4 to 0 in Tall but if I had short legs I’d be fine. Ugh so annoying.

Edit: I wrote them an email about there missing size 2 Diva jeans and they wrote back saying, 

Hi Lana,

 Thank you for shopping with us. I’m sorry for any disappointment you’ve experienced with us. While we offer most of our jeans in size 2 Tall, this size is out of stock frequently due to popularity. I apologize for this, Lana. Please be assured that I have shared your feedback to the proper department for consideration.

So basically I’m going to have to check more often then not to snatch up a pair.

Here’s the different lines they carry



Over & Out

4 thoughts on “Shame on you old navy

  1. You’re doubly screwed here – size 2s sell out quickly even in regular sizes, but then to need a tall on top of that, even worse! They just don’t make as many talls or extra smalls so you have to snatch ’em up when you can. I’m down to a 0 and I do have to act fast if I want something. Just this morning I was trying to get some new VS sweats to lounge around in and Doug called me into the other room to watch something with him on TV, and by the time I got back to my computer they had disappeared from my cart and sold out! LOL

    1. I was happy when I ordered the 0 because I had got them on sale. But now there not on a huge sale and it’s like aww fuck lol. Meh ah well thankfully my size 4s are not to crazy lose that I can still wear them if I need to but the size 2 is what fits great I just need them to go on sale again. There are two other styles that fit so now that I know that when they go on sale I’ll snatch them up.

      1. You know, if the size 4s are new you could try to find a tailor who could take them in a little. Might save you some money although an Old Navy sale can be pretty cheap.

        I used to use a website that let you bookmark items online you like, and they email you as soon as there’s a price reduction. It’s called “shopping notes” I think. The website is ugly as hell but it does work.

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