The Groomers


So Miss Diva went to the groomers today. I take her to Petsmart. It was her first time as well mine at this new location near my new home. She was way over do I, my opinion but non the less we went there this morning. I’m lucky that I live close enough that we can walk there. So we walked there this morning and I brought my jeans with me that I had to return to Old Navy. I’m also lucky because I can catch the bus getting there and coming back. So that’s a plus.

Any who moving on she had a full body trimming her privates trimmed up and anal glands emptied the lady told me they were not that full which I was happy to hear. She was really good and well-behaved which is awesome. But wow the price has gone up. After saying I was not aware of the price increase they gave me a deal but it still cost me $55 bucks. Thankfully she only goes every once in a while and my father cuts her nails for me. But the lady did what I asked her to do and did not mess up at all so that I am happy for. The things we do for our pets lol.

Now she’s super soft clean and beautified.

Over & Out




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