Not Settling Any More


So I’ve decided to stop settling for guys who are not what I’m looking for. I’m holding out for my grand prize. And I think others should do the same. Stop wasting your time on people who are not up to your expectations. If you’re a non smoker and want a guy or girl whose a non smoker I think that is your right. If you want someone who is  physically fit and takes care of them selves there is also nothing wrong with that either. Everyone has a type of person there looking for. But more often than not you settle for second best or in some cases 3rd or 4th place.

We don’t want to be alone so we say well I’ll date this person for now. There giving us attention or affection. But in the back of your mind your going wtf am I doing with this person. And when you break it off and there upset about it they bitch to you. Also sure not every relationship is perfect and the ones you hear about that are typically are celebrities or your best friend or a friend of a friend had Mr or Misses right. And your like why can’t I meet a person like that. Well you can just don’t settle for Mr or Misses right now.

The question is how many flaws are you also going to accept from someone. Sure we all want to find the perfect person for us. And sure we know we have our own flaws that were working on. But at the same time I don’t think it’s a bad thing to know what you’re looking for, who you’re looking for and the type of person and qualities you want in a partner.

I’ve always been attracted to tall muscled guys. I’m attracted to men like that but I also like a guy to have brains and a personality and I don’t think that will change and till I’m old and wrinkly. Now that I’ve lost all my weight and I’m in the best shape of my life I want a guy like that. I’m not attracted to smokers or short skinny men or muscled guys with no personality. I know the guy for me is out there and I know the person that you’re looking for if your single is out there too.

The last two guys I’ve dated have had qualities that I wanted but was missing others. Both great guys but just not for me and that’s perfectly okay. It’s okay to figure out what you want and to know what you want but going forward I’m just not going to waste my time or others if I know right off the bat it’s not going to work and will not even meet someone anymore if I know just by talking with them. I think that is where online dating is great because you can pick and choose. But instead of wanting to fill the void of being alone accept it for now. Enjoy my time and hold out on the perfect person for me.

There is no good to come about if your just going to settle for someone who is just a time filler and till that right person comes along and as much as that may sound bad is it really that bad I think not. There’s no reason to waste someone’s time let alone yours. I think it’s great to meet new people and I think it’s great to network and so forth but stop settling for second best. Your worth more than that and you will know when your person is the right one.

Stop Settling

Over & Out


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