An Outing Downtown

So I decided to get dressed put makeup on and while I was doing my makeup I filmed a small beauty review and demo which you can watch Here. I wanted to go to a few places today and get them out-of-the-way before we get major hot weather. I wanted to check out LTS for a shrug they have about four colours online and so I wanted to check them out their calling them TIE FRONT COVER UP and the price is $35.00. Which I think is a bit steep since the fabric is so thin but no less I wanted to see it in person before buying it.

I grabbed the bus and this was me on it.


Cute right lol. Any who I figured the bus goes right near the store so I stayed on it then had to walk not that far which was as nice. I saw my old manager and an old coworker oh wait I only lasted two days there but any who they were very nice to me I left on good terms but any ways. I tried on three out of the four colours. I had tried on the Black the Cerise it’s like a pink hue and the Parrot Blue all very pretty. But they did not have the best sizing and the feel of it was not as soft as I was hoping for. And because the fabric was so thin it looked like it had a pattern on it but there was non kind of strange to me but anyways. I left the store with nothing because I thought since I’m going to the main mall downtown I’ll look in some shops and see if I can’t find something cheaper and better.

From there I walked past the War Memorial. Do you remember on the news this year about the guy getting shot and killed in front of it yup that one right here in Canada’s Capital.

Click photos to view bigger.

image image

From there I walked all the way to this Hair salon I had found online. It’s right in the downtown market they do hair extensions and I thought let’s go find out what information I could and have a  consultation done. Because then it will clear my mind for once and for all and I could find out more about it. I met with the owner of the salon, good-looking man he was just saying any who I sat down and he told me that because my hair is curly wavy and the hair extensions only really come in straight it would not look that great. But I do know human hair extensions come wavy not just straight. But anyway he told me they do double tape extensions. But because of my hair length that way it is right now it would look funny.

They would not blend as perfect as id want them too in fact you could probably see where my hair ends and they begin. He told me to wait a few more months and then come back. But in a few more months when my hair gets down to my shoulders I won’t care so much because it will be longer lol. Any who he gave me his card and off I went. I’m glad I finally went and had a consultation done. My questions have been answered and now I’ll drop it. I’ll stick to hair pieces less upkeep lol.

From there I walked to the main mall downtown and went to Apple. I’ve had the same headset Apples old ear phones or ear pods whatever you wanna call them. Well they have been great but there slowly not working all that great. I have the volume on high most the time because I can’t hear my music. Talking on it is not super great and they don’t fit my ears all that great I fact I use these soft things I’ve put on them so there more comfy. Any who I’ve had them since I got my phone and that was back in Summer of 2013 I’m lucky they have lived this long.

Now I have the new Apple EarPods and I have to say wow major improvement. I can hear my music amazingly and the base that comes out of these little things is amazing as well. Heck I don’t even have the volume up all the way, I think if anyone did they would mess their hearing up that’s how amazing the sound quality is out of these. You can get them from Apple for $35.00. Also they fit into your ears perfectly it does not even feel like you’re wearing anything seriously.

From there I went to some store don’t even remember the name of it but it was a clothing store. On the hunt for a shrug. But then I thought maybe just maybe Forever21 should have something. So off I went. That store is funny because you have all ages shopping in it not just Tweens or teens or as the name suggest 21 year olds but women who are in their 30s and up. Any who I was just looking to see if I could find something that was shrug worthy and I look up and this manikin is wearing what looks like a shrug to me. I asked a sales girl where I could find the shrug and she tells me it’s a blouse. I look at her and say really it looks like a shrug to me.

You can find it at Forever21 sorry I tried to find it to link to it but no such luck ugh.

I think this could be used forimage image a shrug at least that is what I will be using it as. I think it’s pretty and even nicer then the one at LTS. Even though this is a hand wash only item I think it’s super pretty and clean-looking.

I also love the back detailing with that woven pattern. I love the bell sleeves and its light enough that it won’t be hot. I mainly picked it up to wear with some of my summer dresses but it looks perfectly fine with my tank that I’m wearing in the photo. They had it for $26.90 and with tax it came to $30.00. Also the girl pegged me at a medium because that’s what she showed me I tried it on to make sure it fit which it did. I guess if you wanted to be daring you could wear it on its own but you might come off a little or a lot slutty but hey if that’s the look your going for then this is the top for you. Now if you’re wanting an arm cover up this would be perfect.

So that was my day downtown. Now just relaxing and blogging. Took my pooch for a walk when I got home and now I’m just going to take it easy. Be on the look out for my brow beauty review. Hope everyone is having a fantastic day I know I am.

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4 thoughts on “An Outing Downtown

  1. That top is too cute! And I had the same issue with extensions; when my hair was super short and I really wanted them, I didn’t have enough to get them. It’s really just now, with my hair to my shoulders, that stylists are starting to say hey, why don’t you get extensions? LOL. And I”m thinking – why would I spend up to $500 on extensions NOW when my hair has finally gotten a little long???

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