Summer Vaca

So my mini vacation to Toronto won’t be happening this summer. I think it would have been able to happen if I had not needed to buy things for my apartment and my dog having dental work but my charge card is pretty high. And I need to work on lowering it.

By next summer I won’t have the other plastic card since that one is almost paid off and will be canceled once it’s done. But already looking at a hotel for 3 nights is close to $619 that’s with tax included. Even though my parents were going to chip in for two nights then there is the train ticket coming in at like $155 then you have food for all those days and any bit of shopping or whatever, it would add up to close to $1000. And to be honest as much as I want to see my friends. I want to be way lower on the debt chart then I am.

If I postponed my trip to next summer around the same time I would be probably debt free. Or at the very least close to it and then I could really enjoy the vacation then worrying about it. As I am right now. I’m still going to have a good summer regardless. But the responsible thing to do is to stay in my city and work on lowering my debt. There is nothing worse then feeling bad about debt that you put your self in. It’s like worse than a breakup seriously, oh and my dog needs updated shots in August as well though my folks and I go to the same vet and they do a deal like a discount on shots if you bring in a few dogs so that will save me some cash hopefully. But then my card is not being used for that. Hopefully it will be pretty cheap.

So there you have it. And by waiting to go next summer my hair will be much much longer so that’s always a plus right 😈.

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4 thoughts on “Summer Vaca

  1. Vacations are so expensive! It’s what generally stops Doug and I when we try to plan anything. Just the hotel rooms alone are crazy. It’s always so hard for me to justify spending the money.

    1. I know I would have a good time, and seeing my two friends would be awesome since I have not seen them since 2013, and tho my folks will pay for two nights I’d like to go for three. I’d like the break lol from Ottawa

  2. that’s smart that you’re going to plan for next summer because then, as you say, you won’t have to worry about money and you’ll have more fun! plus, the vacation will feel much more deserved. I’m sorry you can’t enjoy a vacation now but make the most of this summer!

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