Fashion Note by Forever Young

This wig is of cheaper quality but that being said its super cute and for the person who wants something that does not cost a lot but wants to change-up their hair style quickly this is a great option. The colors are great, RS29 awesome blonde color with red tones. as well 8-12-24BHL great brown color. The cap it great for larger head size’s. It has a small skin top built right into the cap. The cap is comfy and great for larger heads as I said. The bang can be moved to either side or straight down and trimmed to fit your face shape. There is no lace front or mono top. Also to dull down the shine use dry shampoo or baby powder or  talcum powder.

For my review and to see what others are saying about this great hair piece and to pick yours up click Here

Try it out.


RS29 on left on right 8-12-24BHL

image image

2 thoughts on “Fashion Note by Forever Young

  1. I agree! I need to review some of my Forever Young wigs too. I think I have the Hollywood Honey already uploaded over on Vimeo. Very cute on you and of course you look good in both colors. You really can pull off a wide color range!

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