Fire Men, Police Men Oh My

So at around 11:00pm the fire alarm goes off in the building. Now before I dive into this story at around 8pm or so I had to go to my garden to re plant some herbs I got from my parents garden. I thought I’d take the stairs to see how long it would take me to take them down as well take them up and it was only a few minutes.

Anywho so the fire alarm goes off, I grab my phone my headset, my house keys and put Divas clothes on and lock my place up and proceed to take the stairs down. Diva was fine and walked down them. She was very well-behaved and we got to the main floor and out the doors.

She was a little freaked out with the flashing lights but I held her and she was good. Someone had pulled two fire alarms one on the 7th and one on my floor 15th from what I heard. The one police officer said the elevators would be up and running in an hour but I decided Diva and I would walk it. She walked all the stairs perfectly fine and I got my workout in again lol.

Also some of the men in uniform were good-looking so that was nice haha. Hopefully it won’t get pulled all that often. Next time I’ll grab my purse just in case.

The joys of apartment life lol.

Over & Out


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