Is Old school romance dead?


I hope not. Online dating is the new wave and way of dating, bars and clubs are for sexual hookups not so much dating but now it seems like online dating is also the new place to meet mr right now as well as mr forever. The only difference is you can get through more people and deny the horn-dogs quicker and easily thanks to a blocking feature which I have used many times on people. Most men don’t read profiles they just look at a pretty girls photo and send a message typically with something that is sexual in nature and if it’s not the first sentence it’s somewhere in there. Also because I’m open in my ad about being who I am I then get even more interesting responses. Any where from they want to try it out, to me  dominating them and everything in between.

And this goes to using normal non tg dating sites and or apps. Because yes as a single gal I put my self out there in many forms of the dating world. Online dating is like a job in its self seriously, sometimes you just want to quit it all but then wonder if I do that what if I miss out on meeting the right person for me.

Online dating for most people I don’t think is to hard but for the transwoman  searching for love or even a date with someone they find attractive and have things In common can be a little more challenging. I’ve always liked masculine men with muscles who were tall because I can feel safe. Short skinny men I’m just not attracted too simple as that. Sure personality plays a huge part in finding a mate but you see with your eyes and everyone has a checklist let’s say that they are looking for when finding someone.

And don’t for a second think “I don’t have a checklist” oh yes you do. You want the perfect person for you when it comes down to it. Every guy I ever come in contact with I go through my list of things. Sometimes it’s not great and more often than not they don’t meet everything on the list. And I should probably burn the list but it’s hard to do when it’s a mental checklist. And as much as I say I just want to have fun and date and see where it goes. I’m looking for the perfect person for me. And fun does not mean sleep with, it means activities such as going to see jazz music in the Market or grabbing a bite to eat on a patio, checking out the art at the National Art Gallery or going sky diving or horse back riding.

I love good conversation and would love to meet someone who enjoys coffee and relax at a cafe talking about UFOs or paranormal things or where they went last summer. I love spending time with my dog so if they have a dog or like dogs then go for a long walk or to a dog park. Holding hands I also enjoy and would like to just watch a movie at home and cuddle or go see a movie at the theatres and eat popcorn and hold hands. Old school romance but still have fun. Given flowers just because and write love letters or emails to say hi. I’m an old school romantic and given that most people don’t do this I wonder if it’s possible to still find.

Of course I’m not looking to wed anyone just yet but I’m not against it either. Id love to just be swept off my feet but I’ll take for getting driven too. So there you have it.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “Is Old school romance dead?

  1. Online dating has made things way too easy for men as if they didn’t have it easy enough already! I do think it’s harder to just find someone who will take real time to get to know you, but it’s out there.

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