Sexercise And Some


Okay so they say that sex can be a form of exercise but why is it that parts of your body become sore a day after? is it because you’re using muscles you’re not used to using?. All I know is my shoulder muscles are sore and it’s really annoying lol. Also what is sorta of funny is when you with hold your self from having any intercourse for a really long time like a year and then give in to having sex and wonder how you went so long without it. Like seriously I’ve been missing out. I forgot how good it really can feel and honestly good sex is sometimes hard to find. It’s true not everyone knows what they’re doing. And when your with someone who knows what there doing it can be pretty amazing. Like I’m excited to have more which I never thought I would say again.

I thought oh I don’t care if I never have it again but really I just went to long without it. And then when I did have it it was just not good with that person which then turned me off from it. I won’t name names but then after Mr Russian which is what I’m calling him it was like damn I’ve been missing out seriously. I’m glad I decided to give in to my desire and just go for it because it was worth every minute even though he checked out the next day, that night of pleasure was worth every minute.

Now the hope is to have pleasure like that again but have it returning more than once. Of course we all want that to happen. Nothing is worse than having a one night stand but if it’s only going to be once make sure it’s amazing. there is nothing more annoying I think then having a one night stand of any degree and have it suck. And you think to your self W.T.F. Was I thinking lol.

Hopefully the next guy I date and or sleep with is as good and can top Mr Russian lol score boards will be made ahead of time haha. Oh P.S. Always play safe and make sure you are prepared with a box of condoms and lube. Anyone that respects their body will make sure they are playing safe and if the guy says they are allergic or gives you an excuse on why they can’t just tell them no glove no love and get out. Your body should be your temple. And you are in control and will decide who you should give it too. Stay safe.

Over & Out


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