So You’re Crawling Back Eh

Okay so this post is about men who sleep with transwomen and then after they have messed around they sometimes panic and freak out in the sense of they drop you like a hot potato and disappear. And then when time has passed and they realize they have fucked up they come crawling back. This has happened to me on a number of occasions they give me the excuse of tho they liked it or enjoyed it there just not 100% sure about it. It sort of messes them up a little and sometimes they go as far as saying why they can’t be friends with you that you have nothing in common and yet you have spent time getting to know them. It’s completely new for them and so that also freaks them out.

And so time passes a few weeks a few months even years will go by and out of the blue you will get an email a text message something and them say hey what’s up how have you been but by this time you have either removed them out of your phone I mean let’s keep it real if someone drops you like a hot potato you’re not going to keep their number in your cell or overly remember who they are if a lot of time has passed. Unless of course they made a huge impression on you and you recall who they are.

Last night I got a text message from a guy who did exactly what I’m talking about above. We were sorta friends in the beginning, we had messed around and then just like that he dropped me like a hot potato. Did not want to be friends after said we had nothing in common and that was that. So I removed his number out of my phone and moved on. Like any smart person would do and so when he texted me my response was ? Who’s this. Which of course he then replied with his name.

He apologized for what he had done. He did say after some time to think, it was probably partly due to his depression and mood swings and that he actually enjoyed the fooling around. Which is funny because at the time it was sorry but I can’t do that again. Honestly I think the whole thing just freaked him out a bit and he panicked as so many of them do.

Regardless I think it’s rather funny that at some point they crawl back. He also said he wants to give it another shot, being friends, so I said well just don’t treat me like shit again and we will be good. So I’m open to giving him another shot. Not all men are bad and people do deserve one more chance I can forgive but I won’t forget.

Over & Out


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