So last night at around 12am the fire alarm goes off. My heart racing not expecting that to happen. I throw on some shorts. Was just wearing my nightshirt. Grabbed my cell and what not put into my purse put it over my body and got diva dressed. Locked the apartment door and headed down the fire escape.

Not one but two fire trucks came to the building and it turns out some stupid fucker pulled the alarm on the 4th floor. All was said and done probably about 15 minutes or so lucky for me the fire men got the elevators working and was able to use it. Poor diva was shaking in my arms and it took her a little while to go back to sleep.

We woke at 8am and I feel like doing nothing today but I should go see my garden and see how it’s going with that. I managed to do a workout earlier. I’m glad today is nice and not to hot.

I also re wrote my dating ad on Okcupid I think it’s better than before. I had read about making it better and I’ve also expanded my age limit to 50 because there are some great looking guys older than 45. Not many mind you but some lol. Any who we shall see how that goes.

I’m thinking of doing a re review of the main and tail shampoo and conditioner before I get my hair trimmed in August. I was looking at the video I did about a month ago on it and noticed how short my bangs were. As well my over all hair length and I have to say I really think it makes it grow quicker. I’ve also noticed I don’t have to wash my hair as often now that it’s got some curl in it. I’m on day two of not washing it and I’ve got it in a pony. I may wash it tomorrow I may not depends on know it looks.

I also almost went onto Facebook today I went to look someone up and as soon as I clicked the app to open Facebook I quickly closed it just as fast as I tapped to open it. Damn you Facebook. But last night I shut down all notifications on my iPad as well iPhone so I won’t get notified of anything. I’m hoping by doing that I’ll be less tempted to use it.

So that is the latest news. I’m also trying to do my workout using my app earlier in the day. And not at night. And on a plus side I’m trying to eat more which I think is good. Since I’m walking lots and being more active and with the app I use it says you can burn up to 100cals just using the app alone. I’ve also decided to just do the regular workout on the app which is a full body workout. Any ways so yea that’s the latest.

Oh one more thing my ex and are doing the friendship thing. Time has gone by that we can be friends and friends are always good to have. And yes I know I’m a little nutty.

Over & Out

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