Giving Some Hair

What I mean is I’ve donated two of my wigs to someone who desperately needs a hair pick me up. They live in my building and I have seen around wearing wigs that need some major overhauling. I was outside talking with one of my Neighbours  in the building when this person came over they also have a pooch too. We got to talking and I offered to give her one of my wigs. She gave me her info and I said I’d be by today with a wig for her.

I decided to give her two wigs. Ones I’m not wearing or going to be wearing ever. A bob that I think I wore three times it’s a Revlon wig that has a mono top and the other is a Raquel Welch wig called Star Quality which is a lace front. I wore it once. Personally I hate how it looks on me but I thought this person would love it.

I stopped by her place and she had never seen a wig with a mono top or a lace front before. The look on her face was surprise and wonder it made me smile. She asked what I wanted for it money wise and I said no I’m giving you them for free. She was extremely thankful and I said I’m glad I could help. The Star Quality looks great on her and it looks so natural. I hope she wears both wigs more often than the ones she’s been wearing.

I have another wig coming to me and so then I’ll have about 5 in total. My two all time faves which is my Victoria by JR my Shilo by Noriko, My Camera Ready By RW and my Celeste by Envy and soon to be a new one the FreeStyle by RW.

So I did not mind giving away the Star Quality or the Revlon bob. I knew this person would be thankful and I’m glad I could give someone some new-found self-confidence. Nothing makes you feel amazing then helping someone else.

Giving back makes you feel good.

Over & Out


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