I Could Kill You

6am Miss Diva had me up, had me thinking she really had to go out side. Her behaviour has been a little odd lately ever since the stupid fire alarm her eating has been not regular. Yesterday she did not eat till 10:30pm. I even put some warm water to make a gravy of her food thinking she would eat it. But nope miss pris did not want any of it.

I thought the few walks she went on yesterday and the ball throwing game at the park would make her hungry but she just ate some grass yesterday and one cookie. She was doing really good for a while eating her food at a decent time and then that damn fire alarm happens and it’s like she will eat when she wants too which is fine but 10:30pm is kind of late I would think.

So this morning I see her standing in the door way of my bedroom and me thinking she’s gonna be sick or needing to go out. I think she was just drinking water or something but I’ve been up since 6am so Im a little annoyed and as I write this, what is she doing nope not eating her food but sleeping ugh so annoying. And today’s clean the apartment day and because I rushed to take her out I still need to take a shower. The joys of being a pet parent haha.

I’m hoping she will eat her food today and not wait till just before bed tonight. She’s such a strange dog because some days dry food is fine and she will eat it. Other days she wants it a little moist and then some days like yesterday I made it moist she did not touch it for hours so then the liquid got sucked up by the food got mushy so I threw it out and filled her dish back up. It’s super annoying and a waste of food which I’m going to stop doing either eat it or not but figure it out you know what I mean ugh.

Personally if it was me I’d be hungry going on walks and thirsty more often than she is. She drinks water but does it every few hours and she eats now once a day. I know she’s lost some weight she’s probably back at the weight she’s supposed to be at. I’m not that worried just I guess she was stressed and it’s just taking a while for her to bounce back.

Well yea that’s the latest with Miss Diva lol. she’s going to the Vet next month for her rabies shot and she will get weighed then so I’ll be able to see how much weight she has lost. I do want to point out when she goes to the bathroom it’s fine though because she hardly ate anything yesterday and till last night her poop this morning was next to nothing very small. But yesterday it was fine because she ate the day before.

Any who maybe stress affects her differently and I’m just not used to it. That’s probably it. I guess I only need to worry if she’s not eating at all and her bathroom outings is like bad poop or accidents in the house. So far that has not happened. Thankfully ☺️.

Edit: She ate her breakfast almost a whole cup worth. No longer worried lmao.

Okay done ranting.

Over & Out

2 thoughts on “I Could Kill You

  1. I had a really finicky dog once, Wiley, and I never knew how to tell when he was sick or just being picky! It’s hard because our pets can’t tell us what’s going on with them so we have to just guess. Glad she ate today.

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