Freestyle By Raquel Welch


6 thoughts on “Freestyle By Raquel Welch

  1. Oooh when you put it on and flipped your head up I literally shouted out loud, it looked so good! It looks gorgeous on you!! And this is a nice place for the video – good light. LOL at dropping paper on the dog.

    PS – I always place a full-length mirror behind my camera when filming, so i can see what I”m doing and look at the wig as well as see the LCD screen of my camera and make sure I’m in the frame; when I had a separate video camera it had a flip-out screen which was so nice, but my DSLR doesn’t have that.

    And yeah – VERY warm wig with all that perma-tease! Did I ever tell you I wanted my drag name to be Ms. Perma Tease, but I wasn’t sure anyone would get it LOL

    1. That’s freaking hilarious for a drag name lol. I just put my IKEA book shelf in the middle of my room instead of off to the side so I get full light on both sides of my face lol.

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