Going Going Gone


If you click on the photo you will be brought to Old Navy Canada Sweetheart skinny jeans section so you to can shop their sale. But don’t be surprised if you go to buy The Sweetheart Skinny Jeans in a Size 2 in Tall and their sold out. I got an email yesterday about the sale and last night when I got home from my rents, I went to see what they had on sale and the jeans were on sale for $19.00. To me that is the best price for a pair of jeans yaya I’m cheap any who haha.

So I went to see if they had any Diva style jeans in a size 2 in tall which they did not, nothing what’s so ever. But then I went to the Sweetheart style in tall and they had one colour in a size 2 in stock. So I grabbed two pairs because at that price it’s worth it. They currently have sizes 0,2, 4, 14, 18 and 20 left in tall but I would not be to surprised at all if they sell out quickly. I got mine in the only colour they have which is rinse. But I like the colour and I know the size fits me from when I went to the store before to try on jeans.

Thats the trick to ordering online. Go to the store bring a bunch of sizes and styles of jeans to try on just to see what fits in the waist then you will pick and choose what works, write down the style and size that way you know what to order online in tall. If you have a long inseam of 36 like I do. If they carried mine in store I’d never have to order online but the Ottawa locations don’t carry tall.

So that’s it pretty much, I picked up two pairs with tax and shipping it came to $51.00 and it will be great to wear again jeans that fit. I did manage to shrink my size 4’s but the size 2’s will be even better. To all the people out there who’s losing weight don’t spend a ton on your clothing when going down sizes cause it’s a waste of money.

Happy Shopping

Over & Out


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