A Little Bit of Shopping

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So this morning I woke early because I had a busy day ahead of me. I woke at 6:45am showered had breakfast took diva out dropped her off grabbed my trolley and off to the super market I went I bought most things I needed there. Then I came home dropped it off and then went to the coffee meet up in the lounge did that and then came back home had lunch and then met my new friend in the lobby to go shopping. First I went to Giant Tiger and bought a bright pink toaster for $10 bucks.


I also picked up another dress similar to the black and white one I got last time and a blue top as well the pink and black tube top you see in the first photo. Then from Giant Tiger we went to a mall so I could look into the major sale they had at Fairweather. The middle photo the cute pink plaid shirt I bought it’s super cute and the dark green Capris I also it there as well bright pink fleece capris and a stripped maxi-ish backless dress.

Upon coming home and getting the mail my Old Navy package was in my mail box which I’m super happy for since I waited for about an hour or so for the mail girl to arrive but then just said fuck it and left. In the first to photos I’m wearing my new Sweetheart skinny jeans and the size 2 fits amazingly.

Over all it was nice to go out and hang out with someone new. And her and I get all really well that that’s also a plus to be able to hang out with someone who lives in my building. There is a small select few that I really enjoy talking to and would consider friends. But that is about it lol.

I love sales lol

Over & Out



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