iTunes fuck you and your stupid update 8.4

Thanks to the latest update itunes and my laptop made me reset my iPad mini 3 to factory settings and now I can’t even get my stupid mail icon to work. But thanks to Outlook having its own app I can check my mail. Sometimes technology sucks ass especially when iTunes comes out with a new update and fucks everything up. I had to down load a new iTunes on my shitty laptop for it not to recognize my iPad and then for my iPad to not update to then have to be re set to its factory settings. Like seriously such a piss off.

Technology sucks ugh

Done ranting


9 thoughts on “iTunes fuck you and your stupid update 8.4

      1. It does suck though – all you want to do is use your iPad and you end up having to fix crap for two hours. LOL. It’s like when Flickr moved over to Yahoo and I was locked out of my account for two days and had to go through so many shenanigans to get back online. Ugh!

    1. After re starting my ad a second time everything is working but the mail app tho the outlook app is better so it’s not all crappy lol

      1. The mail app sucks in general like ive had so many issues connecting my gmail to it so i just use the “mailbox” app which is fab so youre prob better off with outlook app anywag lol

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