Hair Cut / Hair Trim


So I went in today to get my hair cut well more like trimmed. She cut my bangs but still kept them long they go past my eye brows but I’m able to push them off to the side if I want too. I had asked about a side bang but she informed me they would have to be a touch longer other wise she would be cutting into them. So I  said nah just trim them up a little and I’ll push them to the side if I want to. As for the rest of my hair she just removed the ends.

Now my hair looks a tiny bit polished and I’ll go back in three months time for a little trim then. My hair stylist was surprised at how much my hair had grown. And was also surprised with how much my hair has wave / curl in it. I really like my stylist because she listens to what you want. And she knows I’m working on growing it out. I also got a deal so that was great too lol.

I’m also not coloring it. I may get my roots done in the fall but we will see. So far the sun is doing a good job and it’s nice because it does not look like there is a huge difference between my colour and the colour that was put into my hair. There is not a huge demarcation between the two colours or whatever lol.

Also my mane and tail shampoo I think has helped a lot. I really believe that stuff works. In making your hair grow. But I also have not been using the blow dryer on it much which I think has really helped from any real damage. I’m just glad that I can air dry it since its summer time. Because come winter and air drying won’t be an option.

The trick to growing your hair out is getting those trims. And not using heat on your hair if you can help it. Oh and washing it every few days.

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4 thoughts on “Hair Cut / Hair Trim

  1. Last time I went to the salon they put demi-permanent color on my hair. It is less damaging and washes out gradually over about 28 shampoos. It sounded like a waste of time and money to me but I tried it anyway and I like it. Especially because it helps the transition from the roots to the dye; the color fades gradually instead of getting that stark line where the new growth is. Mine lasted over a month; it’s just now starting to show that it’s washing out.

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