My Week Away From Facebook

So the first day was harder than I thought. But as the days went on it was easy not going on Facebook. I thought a few times like oh I want to share this or that thought. But then it would pass and the thought of Facebook would leave my mind. I think it also helped that I turned all notifications off on both my iPhone and iPad so even if people were commenting or whatever I would not see them and till I returned to Facebook.

I have to be honest I got used to not going on Facebook. Not liking random things people posted, or sharing mundane things that most people probably don’t even look at anyways unless it’s something really interesting. Or reading people’s statues that I could care less about. But what I thought was super interesting in that week not one person except for my good friend Marey I spoke to as well Alexa I talked to. So I thought that was interesting. Even friends I have in Ottawa never reached out to see how I was doing. It just goes to show how busy people are that if you do not reach out to them don’t think for a second they will reach out to you because they most likely will not. Which is pretty sad.

Technology is good for some things but horrible for other things like picking up the fucking phone and calling. But whatever. I might take small breaks away from Facebook every so often. I’ve also realized I’m more of a loner and like my alone time. As much as I like spending time with people I like my alone time even more. But I think if I had more friends who were good at being friends I might think differently but I digress.

So yes it’s possible to be without Facebook and still live lol, your world will not end, life goes on and you will be okay. I’m just so glad Facebook is really my only real networking site I’m on.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “My Week Away From Facebook

  1. i’m glad u accomplished this goal! I really enjoy facebook because i find some pretty cool articles and i like sharing them with others but i’ve been trying to stop checking it so frequently by logging out because most times i’m too lazy to log back in lol

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