Taking a Break

Decided to take a break from online dating. I’ve either hid or disabled my dating accounts. It’s all the same shit lately of people just wanting one thing and I’m just over it. Even though my ads say not looking for casual sex or fwb which is friends with benefits they still by-pass and send me messages or go as far as exchanging numbers to then tell me they’re looking for just that. So cya fuckers can’t send me a message if I’m not active.

To be honest I’ve been thinking of doing just that taking a break from it. Not deleting my dating ads but just disabling them and will go back to them at a later time. Plus I’ve been missing shows sometimes spending way to long on the sites switching from one to another and so forth because some nights get busy and four hours go by cause I’m messaging people. Or I get notified and bam you got mail lol. But lately it’s been super dry on Okcupid, Badoo is just BS, Tsdating sucks and transgender date also kind of sucks. Online dating just blows cause it’s all the same shit with the same amount of shit and all the same guys in the sense there just looking to get laid.

So I figure a big break from all that crap. And just go out and enjoy the summer less online and more out in the real world. Also having to repeat your self all the time to people is annoying.

So yea kind of over online dating for now.

Over & Out


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