Freezing your credit card


So if you all remember I had gotten a second credit card with a big limit on it. I also have the other credit card which in the next 6 or so months will be canceled because it will be paid off. Now my second credit card I have used many many times such as my dogs dental work and moving and shopping and buying things for not just my apartment but my self such as clothing and other things. The hard part is knowing that it’s in a drawer and can be easily taken from and put into my wallet. And the bring it with me just in case I don’t have enough cash.

But today I did something about it and I put it into a small container filled it with water and stuck it in my freezer. I have to stop using it and the only way I know how without cutting it up into pieces is by freezing it. I need to get a hold on this credit spending. Because at the end of the day I have to pay it all back. And at this rate I’m having trouble not using the card. I also need to curb my spending. On the bright side of things I have money in my savings account. And I have food in my fridge and pantry. I have clean clothes and dog food and my rent and bills are paid.

But using the second credit card has been my down fall. And I think by literally freezing the card I will think twice about using it from here on out. Because it won’t be so easily reachable. A. I’m not waiting for it to thaw out. And B. To speed up the processes you can’t microwave it to thaw other wise you melt the card. So by the time the thought comes to use it. The thought will quickly disappear when you realize it’s frozen.

It’s either this or cut up the card but I think this method is better. Then once the card is paid off in full I can ask them to lower the card where the limit is more manageable. Or have them cancel it and just do cash. Currently non of my bills are on credit and everything is paid through my bank. So really having a credit card is pointless since its cash that’s not really yours to begin with. I think my get out of debt plan will work doing it this way. Again my one credit card I don’t use and have been making great ways in paying that down. Now I just have to work on this second card.

Personally the only thing credit has been good for thus far is my dogs quality of life and having her dental work done, and buying the things I have needed for my apartment. And some clothing and maybe some food but that’s it. And even the clothing I could have waited to buy. I just went shopping crazy and the only person to blame is my self. And the only person who will get out of debt is my self so that being said this is the end of this post and I will slowly get out of debt. I’ve done it once I’ll do it again. But stay out of debt.

1. Place credit card in plastic container

2. Fill container with water

3. Place container in back of freezer

4. Close freezer door

5. Forget you even have a credit card

The next time you want to use your card you will think twice about it because you would have to thaw it to use it and by that point the thought will have passed.

Over & Out


4 thoughts on “Freezing your credit card

  1. lmfao i love that you actually froze your card haha well it sounds look a good idea! more power to you, good luck and forget about the card! you can do it!!

  2. Yep credit cards are hard for me to handle too, so I stay away from them. I do have two store cards but I don’t use them all that much and try to keep from carrying a balance of either of them. But man it can add up fast. I have a Neiman’s card, and I swear one day I just woke up and it had $1800 worth of debt on it. I was just like, how did that happen?! It’s back to 0 now but I was shocked at how easy it is to get out of control with those cards.

    1. Yes well I’ll see how I do with it being in my freezer, I read a bunch of ways to curb the usage, my last resort will be to cut it up. But for now I’ll leave it in ice lol.

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