Oh So Chocolaty


This drink is heaven in a glass, who needs sex when you have this drink seriously lmao. I had one like maybe a month ago or so. And today while I was out I had enough time to run in to the coffee shop Tim Hortons to grab one. I got a small because I think anything bigger would be too much. But if you have a sweet tooth and you like chocolate and cream and sauce then you will love this. Also when it’s hot out it tastes even better just saying of course.

I’m glad I got this instead of a Reese Peanut Butter Cups from the super market lol. Just one of those days you want some chocolate lol. See I treat my self to sweet full of calories treats, plus how I see it is I already did my 8 minute workout earlier  so it’s all good haha.

If you have not tried this treat yet you need to because your missing out if you have not yet. Of course if you like things like this if you don’t well your still missing out 😝.

Over & Out


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