I’d just like to post this and say how I’m glad my ex and I can be friends and hang out again. There’s no tension between us and it’s nice. There are a handful of people I hang out with theses days and then the rest are all on Facebook. If it was up to me I’d spend more face to face time with the ones I have in Ottawa but unfortunately there’s very few I see in real life. With people being so busy it’s rare to happen. So it’s nice when I do see a friendly face to face.

I do like my alone time as anyone does but I also like human contact with friends being able to see and spend time with. Maybe that will happen more. I’ve also joined a website where you can join different groups and go to the events to meet new people. So we shall see how that goes. Got to get out and meet new people.

Over & Out

3 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. ooh keep us updated on that website! i’m interested to know how you like it! and it’s nice that you two still keep in contact especially because you both know each other so well 🙂

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