I love you okcupid!

After talking to a girlfriend of mine today I downloaded this app she told me about but after being in it for less then ten minutes I left and went on the hunt for others I had not used before. 

But then I went back to the one I’ve always had the best luck on which is Okcupid. I had a tiny break but now I’m back but I will be doing things differently this time around. I will only use one dating app. I’m only looking for friends first if more happens great such as dating. 

I will not respond to people who are just looking for hookups fwb or casual sex. Nor will I download the app to my phone, or use other apps or sites at the same time and I will not waste crazy hours sending messages back and forth to people, spend weeks wasting time on it and forget all the tv shows I have taped lol like I did before.

There is more to life then dating apps and such lol. So yeah I’m back on Okcupid lmfao.

Are there any apps you just love to use  weather it be dating or networking apps? Please share in the comments below.

Over & Out


3 thoughts on “I love you okcupid!

  1. Not really, I just use Facebook as my main social media outlet and that’s it. I have Twitter but I don’t use it much. Tried to get into Periscope but couldn’t.

      1. Twitter was really difficult for me to follow at first; it’s still not my primary source but I at least kind of get how it works now LOL

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