Hello Old Friend Nah it’s Just Mr Shrink

So it’s probably been since 2011 the last time I saw my therapist. Any who I thought maybe it might be good to go back and start-up my sessions again. Bounce my thoughts off someone besides my blog and my small group of friends that I have. On the plus side he’s not to far away and I can get there by taking either two buses if I want or one depending on the route I take.

I called his office this morning and left a voice mail and this afternoon he called me back. He said that it was fine for me to start again and we booked for July 24th so that’s good. I think it will be good to just get stuff off my chest. And it’s much different now too with where I am in my life. When I used to see him I would cancel a lot because of my anxiety it used to be really hard for me to leave the house and I’d get stressed out and my it’s would kick in so much so that I’d have to use the bathroom for like 15mins but once I was out of the house I was fine. So weird but whatever.

Now I leave my house all the time with no problems, my anxiety is pretty good I still have my days but nothing like before. And my new goal is to get a true part-time job four hours maybe a few times a week. And I plan on getting some work maybe I was thinking at Petsmart because I live so close to it and I think it would be fun and well discount on dog stuff lol. I’ve yet to apply to it. But the idea is planted in my head. So we shall see about that.

But yea I think talking to a pro would be good. Maybe he will have more insight on this now. Only time will tell.

Over & Out


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