A bad taste


So apartment life has been pretty okay for the most part. What I have learned is that people like to gossip because they have nothing else better to do with there lives. I always saw my self living down town because it was for the most part more LGBT friendly. And as much as you think you may pass as the opposite gender there will always be the few misinformed people who will call you a “He-She”. Of course those words were never spoke to my face and it came from a word of mouth by a few people. Who brought it to my attention. My only response to it was there misinformed and if they ever have anything else to say they can say it to my face so I can knock them the fuck out. Of course violence is not the answer but I bet it would feel really good to do non the less. Id most likely tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

The small few that have spoken to others about me I honestly have no use for. And to be even more honest I don’t care for 95% of the people who I’ve come in contact with except for a very small number of people. Then there are the ones your just polite too even if you don’t personally like them. The vibe I get from some people are questionable of course. And then there are the few that you like and actually one lady I’m friends with and have gone shopping with and hung out. Another lady is funny and she’s my gardening buddy.

But for the most part I keep to my self and have learned share less not more with people. The less things you share with people the less shit people will spread when it comes to apartment building life. And the funny thing is the comment a small number of people have made they have never spoke to me personally before. It’s just I honestly don’t know what it is misinformed bigots no idea. All I do know is I don’t think about it, you can’t worry about what others think about you because if you do you can’t enjoy life. And they can think whatever the hell they want too I don’t give two shits I have my own life to live it’s like that saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Like period but whatever. There will always be haters just can’t let those haters get to you.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Over & Out


7 thoughts on “A bad taste

  1. It seems to me to be a real shame that your neighbors don’t get to know you. If they did they would be thrilled, they would find out what a lovely lady and wonderful neighbor you are. How sad for them.

  2. Most people are so ignorant and rude, im sorry you have to deal with those offensive slurs 💜 thats weird but i guess not surprising that the people in your apartment are kinda gossipy. Youre right, why cant people just say nice things or nothing at all? Were all just people trying to enjoy our lives and we already all go through many hardships, so why do other people contribute to that by being cruel to each other? Im glad youre rising above it and just sticking to yourself. Its good to have some friends, which it sounds like u do, but u dont need all of them to be your friend. Its quality over quantity!

    1. Very right Vic, but guess what the people that are saying things there either crack heads or alcoholics so really they don’t have much of a life anyways so acts why it’s not a huge bother to me.

  3. Yep they are gossipy in neighborhoods too. I tried to befriend people when i first moved out here but they talked sh*t anyway so now I don’t even bother. They didn’t like it that I wouldn’t go to church with them, LOL. Welcome to Texas.

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