Skipping a few days

So far I have skipped two days not in a row but spread out from not working out doing my 8 min workout. I am walking Diva tho I do about 20 or so mins in the morning and then again in the evening. Since its been super hot here lately and last week there was a fire in the building nothing major but had to take the stairs to get my dog. Any who I’m no longer feeling bad about skipping a workout here and there.

Today I’ll most likely not workout because it’s freaking hot here and warm in my apartment. It’s 33 with the  humidex right now and will go up to 37 this afternoon. So screw the workout today. Not sure how warm it is in my apartment but I should know better not to cook anything when its warm but check out my Apple sauce which I made this morning but now wish I waited to do it but the apples needed to be used up. Ah well.

So yeah no longer going to feel bad about skipping a day or two or three of not doing my 8minute workout. I mean technically I’m still working out by walking diva twice a day or so when the walks are 20 to 30 minutes. Any who to hot and don’t care lol and I could gain a few pounds haha.

Over & Out

2 thoughts on “Skipping a few days

  1. Oh yeah, I skip all the time, LOL. Like, for years. But seriously even when I am working out I never do it every day, more like three times a week for about an hour!

    1. Well because the 8min workout you can burn up to 100cals a circuit I don’t need to lose weight so that’s why I’m chilling on them and it’s way to hot lol

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