Men & The Phone


This is what puzzles me about online dating and talking to guys on the phone. What puzzles me is when you exchange numbers with a guy after talking on whatever website your using or app. And you text a little and then have a live phone conversation and you think it’s going well and they tell you they will call you later or what have you and then you don’t hear from them. It’s like why tell me your calling later or why tell me your going to text me when you have no intentions.

Yesterday was a bizarre day for guy talking lol. First I talked to a guy who I thought there was a good connection we even went as far as talking on phone. Yesterday’s post about dark chocolate was brought on by this one guy. Very good-looking guy, conversation flowered pretty good and till my cell dropped the call lol but we managed to connect again and everythig was going great or so I thought and he said he would call me later and then that was basically it.

Then I got a text from this other guy for it to fizzle because of circumstances and timing really. After that fizzled I went on Okcupid to see that the guy who I spoke to over the phone was online that I had spoken to in the day. So I shot him a text to the number that was on my phone asking how his baseball game went and got no reply. I also find it interesting and a joke at the same time how these guys agree with me about why would guys just be dumb and yet there acting the same way others are. It just slays me how much BS is online.

I’m glad I’m only using one website / app this time around. Though I’m not letting it really affect me I just had to share that I think it’s funny how guys are. I know not all guys are like this but the majority are and they wonder why there still single. Meh oh well have to hope that the right person will come around. Positive thoughts right?.

Over & Out


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