Using A Chaise Lounge As Your Sofa

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So I’m trying to come up with ideas for my next piece of living room furniture. My current love-seat is losing its firmness and it’s not meant for sleeping on if I have a friend crash. So I’m thinking of something that can double as a guest spot for when I have a friend who needs to crash. My thoughts keep coming back to a chaise lounge. My mother thought maybe a day bed set up as a sofa but there to big for my space so here is my idea.

There are many stores that sell these so first pick a style that is not curved. Next place it up next to the wall you want to use it but instead of it sticking out put the one side up next to the wall and then go out and get a ton of different fun throw pillows put up where you would rest your back on or whatever and the wall it’s up next too and bam you have a sofa that can also be used as a guest sleeper. It’s small enough if you don’t have a ton of space and most people would not know the difference.

Both of those models are from Ikea and you can go here for the leather one it retails for $750.00 and the other one you can get here and it costs $350.00. I think as a single gal or guy for that matter this would be a great option. The few sleeper sofas I’ve seen are either ugly to firm or so uncomfortable. But I like my idea of using this pushed up to a wall and then filled with fun throw pillows. That way you can use it as a sofa. Remove the throw pillows if you have a guest crash and it’s a sleeper. And then if you want use it as the chaise lounge. So really it has three ways to use it then just the one. And I know many of them are super comfy. So you get your money’s worth and you get style all at the same time.

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