What Do You Eat Now That Your Skinny?


So I’m sure some of you might wonder what I eat now that I’m skinny. Well I’ll give you a typical day of what I consume.

In the morning I typically will take my vitamins with water. And then finish off what water I have in my almost two cup water cup canister.


I drink about three or so of these a day give or take. Then I get Diva dressed and we go for our first walk so she can do her thang. Then we get back, I make one cup of coffee and eat a high fiber or high protein cereal with one cup worth of yogurt I like the berry ones and sometimes I’ll throw in a banana either a half or a whole depends on my mood. Cereal I like Special K as well their protein bars as well if I’m out ill throw one in my purse to tie me over and till I eat lunch. For yogurt I love activia yogurt and ones with fruit in them.

For lunch I typically will do a sandwich on pita bread or a soup with frozen veg mixed in. Sometimes I’ll eat left over pizza from the night before or a steamed dinner that you put in the microwave or straight up left overs.

And for dinner I’ll either do steamed dinner lol or do a frozen pizza and put that in the oven. Or heat up left overs like tonight’s dinner was pasta with a tomato sauce. Also sometimes I’ll do a salad with orange wedges and like a raspberry dressing. The super market near my place carries canned diced tomatoes with herbs mixed in so it’s flavoured. And then chicken breasts in cubes in my white wine sauce. I cooked a big batch last week when we had a cool day and just will reheat it.

And for dessert not always but sometimes a bowl of frozen yogurt like Chapman’s frozen yogurt my fave flavour is Chrispy Peanut Butter Crunch it’s also got chocolate pieces in it too. As for snacks throughout the day sometimes I’ll eat chips not all the time but sometimes, I’ll drink wine sometimes and I still live a little. The only difference now to my eating habits is everything is done in moderation and portioned in the sense that I’m not pigging out. Also I like to eat Bree cheese on crackers. And dare I say it peanut butter on bagels with honey. Bagels I’ve  in corporative into my diet. Not all the time but sometimes and as for the pasta I eat it’s not all brown pasta FYI.

Sure when I was more shedding the weight I was cutting a lot of things out of my diet but also still living but I think the key to keeping the weight off really is about portioning your food. And working out of some sort. Nobody said it was easy but now that I have a handle on my portions it’s pretty easy to do. Last week I had a Boston Cream Donut and loved every little bit of it. I rarely eat donuts but nothing is wrong about having them once in a while.

So yea that’s what I eat typically everyday with of course mixing it up with steamed veg or a stir fry. And dinner at the rents and sometimes lunch too lol. And when I go out to eat I typically will order some form of a wrap or salad and sometimes even French Fries or onion rings on occasion too. I think after shedding the weight my metabolism has gone back to the way it used to be which is fast which is what I like.

Keep your goals in sight. But still live a little and don’t feel bad about cheating once in a while it’s all about portion control and everything in moderation.

Over & Out



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