First let me start off saying that this is my view and mine alone. As a transsexual female when finding a partner I look at many qualities some are superficial as in looks and some are qualities that I’m looking for tho that being said I’m sure everyone is like that. That being said one of the most top on the list qualities is that I’m accepted as the person I am. I think everyone at some point is looking for the perfect person for them and that includes their friends and family, it helps when they accept you for who you are.

The guy I was dating in June, looking back at that whole situation and how it went down I believe could have turned out better than it did. The way he told his mother could have been done differently and if it was done differently my over reacting could have not of gone the way it did if I had known a heads up. But the simple fact of him telling her and her accepting me after the fact is what it comes down to and not just his mother but his family that I had met that day.

As a trans person we want to be accepted for who we are. His family their amazing people and they just want him to be happy. And if it’s a trans woman then there happy for him.  I do quickly over react sometimes and sometimes it’s my way or the highway. And I make quick decisions when I panic and I change my mind very quickly on things, it might be part of my learning disabilities and just how I have always been.

It’s very hard dating and being trans because not everyone will accept you for who you are and that also goes for the men. I’m going to keep this very real but most of the guys I have spoken with over the years and most recently just want to fuck. Nothing more nothing less. They don’t want to date they just want to keep it hush hush, or keep it as a secret or use you as the fantasy they see in porn. As for being open about it or even date publicly it’s not something that happens a lot. Though more people are being less concerned with Society and how others view them or see them it’s still not that common.

There is a small handful of men that are willing to date you and see you as the beautiful creature that you are. And I say beautiful creature because we are beautiful in all forms. That being said I had a nice surprise and had a lovely phone conversation with the guy I was seeing in June. We got some things cleared up and I’m thankful that we have reconnected once again. Going forward I’m going to do a few things differently keeping relationship type things a little more private and not putting all my dirty laundry online. But getting back to this post acceptance is what we all want and if someone is willing to accept you and their friends are accepting of you and their family. Life does not get really any better than that. Nobody is perfect but people have qualities that everyone is looking for and who wants to date someone who is the same as your self. People are different and it’s good to be different.

Be thankful if you are truly accepted at the end of the day that’s what we all want.

Be well

Over & Out



2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. I HEAR YOU on over-reaction/reacting too soon. I do that sometimes, and have occasionally burned bridges because of it that I did not mean to burn. But each time I try to learn from it and move on, and decide what I will do differently next time. That said it still happens sometimes, and I have to go easy on myself and know I am doing the best I can, just like anyone else. 🙂 Glad you reconnected with him and could get things cleared up. That’s always nice.

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