My Dream Hair


The photo above was and still is my dream hair. This photo was taken back about five years ago. And I loved my hair here. It was long beautiful layered amazingly and it was not even my hair. In fact it was a wig called Brandi it’s by Amore and the colour I believe is toasted brown its synthetic fiber non heat syllable. This wig has a double mono top and has a ton of hair which you can have thinned if you wish or put more of a bang into. It’s an over all great Wig and looks very natural.

What I’ve come to realize is that my bio hair will never be wig hair which is pretty much perfect hair. In fact my bio hair has thinned a little on my left part of my hair-line near my forehead. I thought by coloring my hair really dark brown that it would camouflage it. But it has not and that is why I part my hair on my right side because my hairline on that side is fine. I’m going to see my family doctor who also over sees my estrogen and will bring it up to him and see what he thinks about this thinning I’ve got going on.

It bugs me because I’m so used to wig hair being almost as perfect as you can get. That my bio hair is just not as perfect as wig hair. By the way when I say perfect wig hair I’m mainly talking about synthetic hair because the style is baked in to non heat friendly synthetics. And in my personal opinion are better if you’re not good at styling hair or want low maintenance wigs.

On the plus side I’ve always loved wigs. And thankfully look good in most styles and colours and so if thinning hair is something I’ll have to over come then at least I have alternative options if needed be. But then I’ll probably wear them and till I die so that’s not that bad lol at least I can change-up my style when ever I want. I’m just kind of annoyed that this thinning is happening and now I’m sorta like why try to grow out my hair longer you know what I mean?. Any who I’m kind of tempted to cut it a little shorter but at the moment being able to put it into a pony tail and part my hair on the right side is alright for now.

But going forward if I can’t grow it longer then at least I have options thank god for alternative hair.

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