Changing it Up Going Blonde


Today I decided to change-up my hair and go blonde and own it. I was a little hesitant because I’ve kept my wig wearing to a very small few times. But today is non washing my hair day and I just went for it. I was hesitant at first because I’m not really to sure why to be honest oh maybe because my hair is so dark that I was afraid it might pop out. But one of the best features of this wig I’m wearing is the ear taps and front hair-line completely cover mine. Which typically never happens. I’m wearing no makeup but lip gloss. And just a cute summer outfit. I took my dog out this morning and one of the guys that work at my building noticed the hair change and said “You changed your hair” I said “Yes” he responded by saying “It looks good!”. Which I thanked him. Made my day lol.

Then I went out again to the super market and picked up a few things, nobody paid attention to me or took a second look at my hair. Upon coming home I walked to the back where the community garden is to look at my lot to see how it’s doing. And some people I know we’re there and one of my garden girls said “Where’s Miss Lana at?” Lol I laughed. They also really like the blonde on me. So I’m going to stick to blonde I think for the rest of the summer. By the way I’m wearing the Celeste By Envy in the colour Golden Nutmeg. Also because I did not fill in my eyebrows with my brow filler they work with the blonde and because it’s rooted it all works. I’m not wearing a wig cap underneath and my bio hair is a low pony to anchor the wig. I’ve also got like 6 hair clips keeping my hair flat to my head and to keep it from moving.

I forgot how fun it is to rock a wig when it’s a different colour then your own hair. When I got the wig I did the video review and then put it in my closet on my styrofoam head and it just looked at me very time I opened my closet doors to get clothing. The other night before bed I threw it on and modelled it and thought you need to get worn and bam. Why not have fun with wigs. I have them to wear them might as well start. So that is what I’m going to do. Hello blonde good-bye brown see yea in the fall lol.

If you don’t own a wig you should. There not just for hair loss. Rock it, own it and change it up.




Wowhair here in Canada

GorgeousHairWigs here in Canada

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5 thoughts on “Changing it Up Going Blonde

  1. You do look great in the blondes! And to keep me from worrying about the darker hair showing I always wear a wig cap; it keeps the strays under the wig. But I know a lot of people don’t like them.

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