Apartment life

So I have not had any other bad situations happen to me thus far since the last  time which I am thankful for. Though I am still going to go through with the transfer and hopefully things will workout with all of that. This week is going to be super warm. Last night was pretty warm to sleep but I had my huge fan in the livingroom going and the one in my bedroom so it kept the air moving and I slept great.

Saturday Diva went to the vet to get updated shots. It was a combo deal if you brought three dogs so my parents picked us up and we brought all three dogs. My parents two and mine. I also brought up divas fur loss and this vet recommended some kind of medication that helps humans sleep. But for some reason helps dogs grow their fur back its called Melatonin. But a low dose of it. So I plan to pick some of that up and try that out its worth a shot.

Diva was not feeling well yesterday and skipped out on eating her food but this morning I had to wake early and when we got back from our morning walk she ate a little food so that’s good. My garden is doing well and I had my first flower of the wild flowers I planted bloom.

And yes those are carrot tops you see, some how they are growing in with the wild flowers lol. But whatever my plants are growing and that’s all that matters to me. I have to do some weeding this week because grass is growing and what not but other wise I’m happy with what’s there. Also last week I was given a certificate of recognition for dedication and excellence in the community garden which I thought was pretty cool.

I hung out with my friend Dawn Saturday evening she stayed for dinner and enjoyed my cooking. Was nice to just shoot the shit and hang out. And that’s pretty much it. Oh also I’ve decided to start wearing my wigs and so it’s cool because it’s not that hot to wear like I thought it might be. I think it also helps that I’m no longer dealing with major hot flashes as I once was. And it’s cool to have perfect blonde hair but at night before bed or whatever I remove my hair and I’ve got a full head of dark hair underneath lol. And to keep the wig from slipping on my forehead I use super tape for wigs.

It also helps wearing a wig too because the days you don’t wash your hair nobody can tell because your wig is hiding your hair lol. I’ve decided to stay blonde and till the summer ends lol. Then when summer ends go back to my natural hair or darker coloured wigs lol. So yeah.

That’s the latest of Apartment life

Over & Out


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