So yesterday I went and played some bowling. It was my first time to ever play with the big balls LMAO. I knew Ottawa had them but had never been to one. The last time I played was using the small balls.

My right hand and arm is a little sore today but other wise its fine. I’m using new muscles I’ve never used before so of course it will be sore. The first game my man beat me but the second and third game I kicked his ass. though because he had hurt his back at work playing three games was probably not the smartest thing to do since those balls are like 5 pounds or more.

Though I did have a great time and beating his butt was also fun as well LOL. I seem to be good at bowling not to toot my own horn or anything haha. But thankfully it had a/c because it was hella hot outside yesterday right now we are having a heat wave yesterday was 38 and the rest of the week is to be hot. His car also has a/c so that was good too.

I enjoy bowling. Id like to get a group together to bowl because I don’t go as often as id like to. Has anyone gone bowling and used the big balls?. I’ve only seen the big bowling balls in movies in the States. So I was very happy to play with them yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Bowling

  1. I’ve never been a good bowler, but I have no skill for any sort of sport even something like bowling. I’ll throw three strikes in a row, then nothing but gutterballs for two hours straight. LOL. But it could be a really fun hobby if you have the skill for it!

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