My nightmare 

So I had a bad dream last night so bad it freaked me silly. It might have been because I was reading yesterday about a medication that could help with TTM that stands for trichotillomaina which is a hair pulling disorder. I had posted an article  years ago on Facebook. Now Facebook likes to give us memories to look back onto and that was one of the posts. Any who the dream was that I pulled out so much hair I was left with a bald spot that was so big I had to wear wigs everyday again. I like having the option now to wear a wig if I want to change it up not because I have too.

So you can see why the dream was a nightmare. Honestly though at times my hair pisses me off and I’m sick of being dark brown as in colour. I’m proud of my self for having my hair as long as it is since its been years that it’s been this long. I have had moments but I’ve worked through them and have stuck to not shaving my head as a quick way to stop the urge.

My solution was to shave every time I pulled so I was not tempted to make It worse and to let the area and everything around it grow evenly. My clippers need sharpening and the last few times I had shaved my head I had scratched my back hair-line up. So I thought well I’ll stop shaving my head and just let my hair grow. But last nights dream sure scared the shit out of me because I’ve worked so hard growing my hair out.

I’ve also gone through stressful situations and in the past my hair would be the first thing to get destroyed. I can’t say for sure that I have beat TTM but I do think I’m getting a better handle on it and hope to reach my goal of having my hair down the middle of my back. One can only hope that I will reach it sooner than later.

Over & Out


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