Saving dollars with home services

So I got my bill yesterday of my home services such as cable, Internet and home phone and cell phone came in at $218, I freaked I called the company and had to butch to ask to talk to someone in my own country that bugs me but anyways. Apparently it costs $3.50 to use *69 to see who called you when you don’t have call display on your home phone. Now let me just say the only reason I got the stupid home phone is because of my buzzer system in the apartment building. But guess what nobody uses it hardly because I don’t have that many people visit me and most of the time people get let in anyways.

Also my internet is unlimited but when I got this package deal it was $25 bucks for me first three months then after the promo is done it goes up to $75 bucks. Now sure I do use the internet a lot but because I also have the basic TV package I watch more tv then I use the net. I spend a few hours a day on the net and then I’m done. So now I’ve decided to scrap the home phone and if I have gusts I’ll go let them in my self in they aren’t let in by someone else. And my internet I’ve lowered from unlimited to like 50 to 80gb a month. And so with taxes including my cell phone it will go from $214 to $175.

So I’m saving about $40 bucks but when your on a fixed income like I am $40 bucks can be saved or spent else where. My blogging I’ll still do but maybe not three times a day and I’ll have to watch my usage but I think I’ll do just fine. Last month alone my bill was $192 and even that is high. Anything to save some dollars. So that is the latest news. However that being said I want to add in the home phone since having it I have had more hang ups which have been utterly annoying. And people who have the wrong number or the news paper calls to see if you want to have it delivered lol.

All my phone usage is on my cell phone. So having the phone just for the buzzer is a waste of money. Would be different if I always had people visiting me but the reality is I just don’t. My friend who lives in the building says if she has someone visiting her she will have them text her to say there at the building and then go down and let them in which is better. Also less likely to have people buzz you to piss you off like two months ago when someone buzzed me at 3am saying they need to get into the building they forgot their keys I was so pissed I hung up my phone with out buzzing them into the building.

So yea cut the services you don’t really need and lower your internet usage to save some money. I feel happier now for sure. Over & Out


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