Believe In Yourself


My mother gave me a bracelet and the writing on it says Believe In Yourself because sometimes I just don’t. Sometimes I forget to and it’s just something that I think a lot of people can relate too. I wore it a few days ago and reading it lifted my mood. I’m thankful to say that I have not had any more super-duper down days. Lately I have been in a pretty good mood and even more so now that I’m back with the guy I was dating in May. I feel good about my self and tho I would like to gain some more weight I’m no longer stressing over the fact that I’m back to being Miss Skinny though I’m glad my boobs are big other wise I’d be so flat chested lol without my boob job haha.

Any who back to this post at hand. Today I decided to go to a tattoo shop and see if I could get a price quote on a tattoo I was thinking of getting. I went to the shop told them what I was thinking of getting and they told me it would be about a month waiting list and the price ball park wise. The tattoo I thought of was a nude angel pin-up girl on my arm. But after they told me it would cost roughly $250 which was the same price as my back tattoo I said okay, they said come back in a month and gave me their card.

Then I decided to walk to the other tattoo shop I had checked out online they are a smaller studio of only two artists the owner and another person. I had looked at the website as well the Facebook page of all the work they have done. I was nervous because I told nobody about this. But I thought fuck it you only live once. And my first tattoo was back in 2005 so a total of 10 years ago. If you’re wondering what I got well my tattoo is the photo above. That saying just resonates with me and my mother is behind it because of the bracelet she gave to me.

The tattoo costs $80 bucks which I thought it would have cost more. The studio is clean and it’s more intimate than some of the bigger places. The Owner is really nice and the tattoo Artist that did my tattoo is this super pretty girl covered in tattoos. Also the owner is also heavily tattooed with a great personality. The studio I have walked past many times and did not even notice it that was sorta funny. It’s called Knux Studio and it’s on Bank Street.

I got the tattoo in a place I could see so all I have to do is look down and read it when ever I want too. The artist whose name is Serena does really beautiful work. We sat down and picked the font together and she was really great to work with. I will be back for sure. I also would have to say for a second tattoo it’s pretty large. My first tattoo is also a decent size. But I’m thrilled that this tattoo I can see since my back tattoo I never get to see.

The one part that stung a tiny bit was when she was on the bone other wise it was not that bad. Also when I had told her that my last tattoo was in 2005 she laughed and said “oh so you get one every ten years”  I said seems that way though I will be back but more like in five haha”. She had told me well you know where to find me. It was funny.

I took a few snaps as she was working on it please see below.





I really love how it turned out and I’m extremely happy with where it is. If I needed to I could cover it with a long sleeve or not. To me it’s like an accessory and will go with everything I wear. I’m really happy that I decided to get not just this tattoo but the meaning behind what it says and stands for. I will always be reminded to believe in my self and that my mom was part of the inspiration even though she does not know it yet. Though she will find out when she reads this. I love you mom for being the best mom you have been to me.

That is it for now. If you live or are visiting Ottawa check out Knux Studio And checkout Serena also the Owner $teevie Knux.

Over & Out


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