My Weight Ugh

Today I went to my family doctor and while I was there got my weight checked out. So I never thought I would say this but I need to gain some weight. I’d like to gain at least ten pounds. I’ve never been as thin as I am currently like never in my life okay well maybe when I was shorter but any who I’m currently 148.8 pounds. It’s most likely due to stress. And I could eat more fattening foods but like the good fats. My eating habits are good but as he said I could eat more. So now it’s like to thin but even for me I can tell that I’m to skinny.

I’ve cut down my workouts. And now it’s like I need to gain some weight crazy how our body’s are. I thought I was doing well in the weight area but I guess I was wrong. Ugh it’s so annoying. I would be thrilled to be 155 to 160lbs. This 148 business is not cute I can even see it in my face I need some fat on my body. The joys of weight I tell yea. When I was at my parents I stepped on the scale which was this past Sunday and even their scale said 149.8. I weigh my self about once a week.

So now it’s like pack on the pasta which is funny because I already eat pasta almost daily, but he did say try and eat pork which I’m not a fan of or dairy and I do eat cheese just not a milk drinker. Maybe I can do ground pork and flavour the hell out of it.

Any who I plan to keep an eye on it and will update you all in a later post.

Over & Out


2 thoughts on “My Weight Ugh

    1. I think I’ll wait and see about blood work. I’ll go back in a few weeks . I did just start to do things a little differently so I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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