Thinning Hair

I wanted to do a separate post about this from the one I had posted about my weight while I was at the doctors I had asked about my hairline where it’s sorta thinning. I asked if it could be stress related and he said it could but most likely that it was just thinning. Thanks DNA thanks a bunch. As much as I bitch about my hair I’m sad to see it thinning out around my hairline on the left side more so then the right. I thought by going dark it might make it less noticeable don’t ask me why lol.

I’m hoping it will just stay the same and no more will thin out. I never noticed it when it was super short. Also I never part my hair from the left because of that spot. And it’s not pulled hair either it’s just straight up thinning. I asked about rogaine but as he pointed out it works about 30% to 40% of the time and if you stop using it then it stops working. And that stuff is not cheap by any means. So if and when the time comes that it’s getting bad. I’ll be wearing wigs full-time. Thank god for wigs. I’m just annoyed now but whatever what can you do not much.

If I don’t point it out you can’t really tell so that is a positive for now. I just hope it does not get worse other wise I’m gonna be pissed and then there will be no reason to have my bio hair and I’ll just get rid of it all together. But and till then I’ll enjoy what I have.

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2 thoughts on “Thinning Hair

  1. Don’t give up so easily! Drs. really are not familiar with remedies that can help you with hair loss. 1. There’s no money to be made for them and 2. There’s no money to be made for them. Since you are already losing your hair you have NOTHING TO LOSE when trying something for prevention. I would suggest Coconut oil and massage therapy for your scalp. Try some on your scalp at night and use a plastic cap or shower cap to keep it on over night. In the morning wash it out and do this every night or every other night (whatever works for your schedule). Try massaging it into the areas that are starting to thin…your hair follicles require good blood circulation in order to be healthy and massage stimulates the capillaries that provide the blood for your follicles. Check out

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