Micro Ring Hair Extensions


The photo above has a little micro ring hair extension in my hair it’s super tiny.

Any who I went for another consultation for hair extensions. I’ve always wanted long hair and I wanted to find out more about it. The salon I went to I already go to get my hair done but the owner of the salon has a friend and this guy is well-known for not just doing hair extensions but he’s also a stylist that’s been all over the place NYC, Toronto lots of places. We spoke about tape hair extensions but said they are great for a quick fix but don’t last that long and you have to be careful more so with them than micro ring. The hair they use is Brazilian Remy Hair which is top-notch. It’s super soft and easy to take care of. For a full head with installation and cutting and styling it will cost $600 bucks. We even talked about combining two colours to give high lights or even ombré which I thought was cool. I’d be able to put my hair up, air dry my hair if I want to and also workout like I normally do.

I would have to go in every so often to have them moved up but other wise their pretty low maintenance. And my hair would be double looped through the small hair extension and then with a pair of clamps the small piece is clamped on to my hair and then there is a small rubber piece on the inside that is against my hair. He said it would take about two and a half hours to install them. And because the hair is good quality it can last anywhere from a year to two and till it has to be replaced because of the unclamping and clamping. In a way it would be like buying two expensive synthetic Jon Renau Wigs and having them last not that long. I’m seriously thinking about it because I’ve always wanted long hair. So I’m at the moment trying to find as much information on them as I can before forking over that kind of money.

We shall see. I’ll come back and do an updated post if I go through with it or not.

Edit : After playing with it for less than two minutes I’ve come to the smart decision to not get them done. First and for most I could see how if my TTM ever came back full force it would be way to easy to pull on a few and have nasty bald spots all over. That would not be cute also I like running my fingers through my hair and with any form of hair extensions you can’t do that. And honestly I don’t have $600 to throw at it. Or spending $50 to $100 every two months to move them up. So in the meantime I’ll let it grow naturally and if I want long hair I’ll wear a long wig or clip in my extensions from Bellami. In no time my hair will be the length I want It anyways I just need patience. Oh I removed the extension my self without damaging my hair thanks to jewlery pliers.

If you have had Microring extensions share your experience in the comment box below.

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7 thoughts on “Micro Ring Hair Extensions

  1. Hey! I do them all the time but not so much the individual micro hair, I do what’s called a braid less sew in where you create a track with the micro beads and then sew a weft (of any kind; skin weft, hand tied, machine weft) to the track that’s created with the beads. Are you looking at getting the individual hairs? There are all types of extensions and your professional stylist can tell you which works best according to your hair texture, lifestyle and desires. You want something that’s gonna last so it sounds like your investment will be well spent.

    1. I saw on Facebook the ethos your talking about. I was told the tape don’t last long . Think I’ll just hold off and stick to long wigs or clip ins and wait it out lol

  2. Heya,

    I’m a new subbie!

    I love micro ring hair extensions however I agree that they are a definite pain to maintain throughout the year. Perhaps try investing in human hair (like Russian hair) clip-ins so that they last the duration of time it takes for your hair to grow out and even longer should you require extra volume?

    I’ve had my Uzbek hair extensions in for over three years now so I definitely recommend investing to avoid having to repurchase extensions any time soon

    Feel free to check out my new makeup tutorial at lovetashadee.wordpress.com xx

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