6 Years Ago Today


6 years ago I joined WordPress. I’ve had three blogs this one I’m forever leaving up. I used to blog on The Life Of Lana which was around for about three years or so. And I had a short-lived one as well but forget the name of it at the moment. I first joined to get things off my chest and to use it as a form of therapy and since then it has evolved to writing about many different topics. Though I write about many things my main thing is to get the stuff out of my brain since the wheels are always turning. I just got this from WordPress and thought I’d share with all of you. Do your self a favour and save old blogs because it’s interesting to look back on your life. I wish I had kept old blog posts from my old blogs. But such is life and you move on. If you were a reader of mine from The Life Of Lana well a big thankyou for staying along in my crazy life journey.

Huge hugs





6 thoughts on “6 Years Ago Today

  1. Oooh I was a follower of your old blog!! No probs girlfriend haha I always enjoy reading your posts and watching your videos. It’s nice to have a buddy on here to chat with šŸ™‚ xx Congrats Lana

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