Doing A Good Deed


I have two wigs I know I will never ever wear and instead trying to mess with them my plan is to donate them to the Canadian Cancer Society. I’ve donated to them in the past and will do so again. Knowing how much wigs cost these days and knowing that when a woman is going through treatment having to fork out money on a wig is the last thing they probably want to do. I’ve also heard from my  cousin who has since passed from cancer, she had told me when she went to the wig salon at the Cancer Society in San Fran that the wigs were not all that great.

I think if you have a wig by top wig brands that are either brand new or gently used but still have a ton of wear left in them to donate them to the different cancer centres that accept wigs. Because those women and even children need them. And you’re doing a good deed which means it’s good karma and good karma you send out you get back. So it’s a win win all around.

And I’d rather donate to a good cause then say try to fix a wig and screw it up to then have to throw it out. It’s a waste to have to do that when all you have to do is drop it off and someone gets their self-confidence back and feels better about them selves.

Doing a good deed is much more gratifying

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