Batiste Dry Shampoo


Last time I was at the drug store I wanted to pick up some more baby powder because it’s cheap and to use it as a dry shampoo and it works just as good as dry shampoo does to soak up oil on your head, but while I was there I thought I’d try out Batiste Dry Shampoo the one I got was Blush Floral & Flirty. I’ve used it about two times the first time in the morning.

But a few days ago I read to use dry shampoo in the evening right before you go to bed. Because throughout the night it soaks up all the oil leaving your hair full and gorgeous. So I tried that last night and woke this morning with full hair. The photo I’m posting with this I took after walking my dog this morning. Still very full and clean and it’s my new favourite dry shampoo.


I really see a huge difference now that my hair is much longer with using dry shampoo. In fact I only wash my hair now once a week. Other wise I just find it drys out and feels disgustingly dried out. It’s funny you think washing your hair everyday is good but really your striping the natural oils from your hair. And I also read if you feel you need to wash your hair you can get away with getting it wet as in run water through it but don’t use shampoo just let the water go through then towel dry your hair.

If I did not use dry shampoo this morning my hair would not look so cute and I’d probably wear it in a pony. Wednesday I will wash it and then not and till Sunday. I find my hair likes me better when I wash it once a week. Any who I love the smell of this dry shampoo and I think it works well.

Also fun tip: Dry shampoo will remove the shine from a synthetic wig.

Leave your thoughts below have you used this product? And if so how did you like it?

Over & Out


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