Making Your Synthetic Wig Your Own

imageSo this week I got in my new amazing wigs. I love all of them but I knew Brandi would need more of a side swept bang for me. And from past bang trimming experiences and a few videos on YouTube I knew what to do and what not to do. I wanted a small bang nothing crazy and a thin one at that. I sectioned off the hair I did not want to touch and clipped it to the side and then pulled down what I wanted. She was also not washed or overly styled.

Before going to bed last night I washed her with normal shampoo as well warm to hot water first to get some of the kinks out then run cold water through it. As I always wash all my wigs like that at first. It’s synthetic so the shampoo I use I don’t think really hurts it if anything it might dull the shine a tad. I then shake the crap out of it and hang it upside down on my shower head. And let it air dry till the next day. Then this morning I run a brush through it and it’s ready to go.image

Oh and one more thing I took my tweezers and plucked a little bit of the part to make it more natural looking with the double mono top to show better. As I say in the video review of Brandi. It’s got a ton of hair. As you can see she looks great I love all the layering in Brandi and I know I will be rocking her for a long time to come. Also one of r videos I had watched recently about bang trimming is this one from Godiva Secret Wigs. I would say why get hair extensions when you can rock a well made quality wig and save your hair. The brand of Brandi is Amore by Rene Of Paris and you can find her on many different wig websites at some great prices. She also comes in some great natural colours as well high lighted ones.

Happy Brandi Shopping

Over & Out


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